Sunday, October 31, 2010

News from Here & There

The Great DSLR Debate
A 26 minute video from a panel at the MacVideo Expo, London, October 19, 2010, with producer/director Matt Davis, cinemaographer/editor Alex Gollner, cameraman Den Lennie and MacVideo's Rick Young. This panel is interesting because it feature's people with a variety of shooting experience, discussing the pros and cons of DSLR usage.

3D Cinema
Tim Partridge, President of The Kerner Group, (originally the practical effects and camera engineering departments of George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic) talks about the future of 3D cinema on a podcast at createasphere.
createasphere: Tim Partridge, President of Kerner 3D Technologies, talks 3D Cinema

For the RED enthusiast
RED product evangelist Ted Schilowitz discusses the latest in RED developments, including the state of EPIC, Scarlet, REDCINE, HDR, RED RAY, 3D using RED Cameras, and much much more in a 40 minute prdcast.
techmediaplanet: Episode 21: RED EPIC

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