Wednesday, November 03, 2010

At the Public Television Quality Group Workshop

Today I'm at the Public Television Quality Group's Boston Quality Workshop and it's been a great event so far. Some very interesting talks about the technical issues in video production. I wish I could make it back to tomorrows portion.

Hopefully I'll write up something in more detail in the coming days. Got some interesting stories, including Lucas Films part in driving Sony to support 24p.

And speaking of Sony, since Sony is a supporter of the event, a Sony salesman got up to say a few words, and one of the things he said was that there will be some announcements of new equipment at the Inter BEE 2010 show in a couple of weeks. He didn't say much more when questioned about it other than a camera would be announced... Could it be the film-like camera? Well it's definitely a pro camera, as this guy is from the pro department, and he said that the various groups don't mix!

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