Thursday, July 01, 2010

Webinar: REDcast (from capture to screen) July 8th

Createasphere/LEARN is offering the following free webcast on July 8th, 11:00am PDT (limited to 500)

The RED MX cameras and the soon to be released Epic are forcing a rapid evolution in RAW image capture. The industry is faced with the fact that beginners and experts alike all need to master new workflows. Information sharing is the best way to make sure everyone is aware of current capture, post, and distribution methods. So, we have designed this webcast to cover the urgent topics of the day from the experts in the field. In this webcast we will discuss optimized RAW image capture on the RED MX and Epic cameras, preparing a proper post workflow in every genre, color sciences of RED for film and RED for television, and how RED is being used on international projects.

  • Steve Freebairn, will share his experience with on-set RED management for feature films (like Pirates 4)
  • Chris Parker, from Bling Digital, will address using RED across multiple countries for network TV.
  • Michael Cioni, CEO of Lightiron Digital, will present file-based workflow advancements.
  • Ted Schilowiz, leader of the RED charge, will be on hand to ensure this information is the most updated and accurate available.

Createasphere/LEARN: Up Next: REDcast (From capture to screen)

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