Friday, July 02, 2010

News from Here & There

DSLR Viewfilder Comparison
Nino Leitner has put together a comparison of several different DSLR viewfinders:
  • Zacuto Z-Finder Jr.
  • Cavision LCD viewfinder set for 5D Mark II
  • LCDVF DSLR viewfinder
  • Hoodman HoodLoupe 3.0
  • Redrock Micro microFinder Loupe Accessory Kit
  • Z-Finder Pro 2.5x
For those on a budget, he recommends the Z-Finder Jr. or the LCDVF. Otherwise he likes the Z-Finder Pro. 2.5x.

I've been considering the Z-Finder Pro, but was confused about the difference between the 2.5x vs. the 3x, and which was the best one to get. I was therefore interested to read Nino's comments about the two:
To be honest, I found the 3x magnfication of Z-Finder v2 too extreme as it was impossible to view the entire frame at once – I found myself looking around all the time and I ended up with some shots that showed more than what I had in mind when shooting it.
If you're thinking of getting a viewfinder, you'll want to check this out. He also reports that he will be getting a Letus Hawk Viewfinder for review shortly. Epic DSLR Viewfinder Review Part 5: Essential DSLR accessories

Inexpensive DSLR rig
Can't afford those flashy camera rigs? Jag35 has just introduced a small shoulder rig called the Field Runner, which costs just $279.99 + SH. Field Runner

Uploading video from the iPhone 4
Pixelpipe is a free app that will upload 720p video files up to 200MB in length over WiFi. Kind of mixed reviews though...
iTunes: Pixelpipe

More on Apple TV replacement
The New York times has a vague report on Apple's next move in the home television front. A few weeks back there were rumors of a cheaper/simpler AppleTV based on iOS.
NY Times Bits: Apple Hopes to Re-enter the Living Room
NotesOnVideo: Next Apple TV to be AppleTViPhone?

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