Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Steadicam Zephyr

A funny thing happened the other day. In addition to some still pictures, I shot a short clip of video at the Rule Camera Event, but when I transferred the photos from the Compact Flash card, the file "went astray." I say that because I thought I copied all the files across to my hard drive before I deleted them from the Compact Flash card ... but when I looked in the folder on my hard drive, the movie file wasn't there!

Let me repeat that: I thought I copied all the files across to my hard drive before I deleted them from the Compact Flash card [emphasis added.]

The above search turns up a couple of applications, and I downloaded the trial version of Drive Genius and it did seem to find the file; but they wanted $90 to get it back. For many things, $90 would be well worth it, but I was pretty sure the clip wasn't that great...

So I looked for something free; and found a Terminal app that was free, and took a couple of hours to scan the Compact Flash card and find a bunch of jibberish file which point I wrote the whole thing off.

Then yesterday I was copying some new pictures from the Compact Flash card, and noticed the movie file; sitting at the root of the card's file directory. Even now I'm not sure how I managed to put it there! Anyway, the good news; the file was found. The bad news; as I suspected, it doesn't add anything that wasn't in the still pictures. But given what it went through, I felt I had to share it.

And if you ever accidentally delete a file, you might consider getting a copy of Data Rescue.

Amazon: Data Rescue 3
NotesOnVideo: Tech Expo @ Rule: Tiffen Steadicam

Peter Abraham, Director of Technical Services at Tiffen demonstrates the Steadicam Zephyr

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