Tuesday, April 27, 2010

News from Here & There

The last NAB picture show
theC47 is an online and offline resource for production based training, information and services created by Jem Schofield. He has several videos from NAB highlighting Redrock, lighting gear, the Alexa camera and a mostly non-verbal chat with Philip Bloom.

Documentary filmmaker fights Chevron
Filmmaker Joe Berlinger is fighting Chevron's request for raw footage created during the filming of the documentary film Crude. Chevron hopes to use the footage in their defense of a decades-long environmental lawsuit brought in Ecuadorean courts.
"Documentary filmmakers play an essential role in exposing social injustice," said Berlinger. "As with traditional journalists, their sources must be protected or we risk the demise of this kind of comprehensive investigative reporting."

Ooyala offers analytics for YouTube video
Ooyala offers the ability to manage, syndicate and analyze YouTube videos from within the Ooyala platform. This allows publishers to add YouTube videos to their Ooyala account, display those videos through their own player, and then use Ooyala's analytics for video on-demand. YouTube hosts and delivers the videos and their API’s are used to play the videos.

Boston Independent Film Festival
The trophies for the Boston Independent Film Festival were created by Skunk and are really awesome...I particularly like the spaceship!

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