Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mantis - web based DAW

While it's pitched at musicians, Indaba Music just released Mantis, a web-based Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), could be useful for filmmakers too. Mantis grew out of their predecessor product Session Console and supports CD-quality audio (16-bit/44.1K) recording to the web with non-destructive real-time effects including EQ, compression, flanger and reverb.

Most interestingly for filmmakers, mixes can be shared with collaborators through the web.

“For the first time, cloud-based audio production software is available for real musicians. Mantis is not a Flash widget for consumers to play with; it is a true digital audio workstation that musicians of all levels can use as everything from a mobile scratchpad to a complete recording and mixing solution,” says Indaba Music Co-Founder Chris Danzig.

While membership to Indaba Music and use of Mantis is free, Indaba Music also offers premium memberships that include access to an expanded clips library, advanced audio effects, cloud-based storage and private recording sessions. Pricing for “Pro” and “Platinum” packages is $5/mo & $50/yr and $25/mo & $250/yr, respectively.

They have a Learn Mantis page with lessons for learning/using Mantis.

Mantis: Overview from Indaba Music on Vimeo.

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