Thursday, April 29, 2010

Light Box 1.0

Luca Visual FX, has released Light Box 1.0 for the FxFactory platform that works with Adobe After Effects CS3 / CS4 / CS5, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion and Apple Final Cut Express.

Light Box 1.0 includes 9 customizable light and image enhancement GPU-accelerated plug-ins and transitions.

Highlights include:
  • Light Flicker: Simulates TV ambient, vintage projector flickering and disco strobe lights.
  • Light Pulse: pulsing lights of any speed, color and style.
  • Multicolor Gradient: overlay a variety of color gradients of modifiable tonality, size, and intensity over images.
  • Multicolor Vignette: apply a smooth, multicolored vignette onto images.
  • Regional Light: localized light effects, with or without flicker.
  • Stylizer: a video stylization plug-in.
  • Vivid Touch: combine contrasting effects, like glow and sharpness, to achieve either more vivid images or dream-like atmospherics.
  • Burn Wipe: dynamic light and burnout wipe transitions of any intensity, thickness and color. The movement and rotation of the effect can also be randomized to achieve dramatic results.
  • Flash: A transition of intermittent flash/lightning effects in-between clips.
Light Box 1.0 is available for $49 USD via the Noise Industries website (Noise Industries is developer of the FxFactory plug-in architecture). A trial version is also included with the FxFactory installer.

[For those unfamiliar with FxFactory, it is a visual effects architecture that can be used by developers to create plug-ins for Final Cut Pro, Motion, Final Cut Express and After Effects. FxFactory comes with a variety of effects, but can also be used by third parties to create - and distribute - their own custom effects.]

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