Thursday, February 20, 2014

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Covered this a few days ago, but News Shooter offers more detail on 4K recording in the Odyseey 7Q
Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q firmware upgrade to record 4K RAW and Compressed with the Sony FS700 | News Shooter
Probably the most popular camera to pair it with has been the Sony FS700R. That’s because the Odyssey7Q is the most economical, lightest weight, lowest power draw RAW recording solution for it. Up until now the Odyssey 7Q/FS700R RAW recording combo has been limited to 2K resolution – you had to buy Sony’s own AXS-R5 recorder and HXR-IFR5 interface if you wanted 4K RAW. 

Panasonic Focuses 4K Video on Camera Market | Wall Street Journal
“It’s clear we can’t attract customers with products in line with what we’ve done in the past,” Katsuyoshi Tanaka, Panasonic’s group manager in charge of product planning, said in an interview on the sidelines of a camera show in Yokohama.“We’re hoping 4K will be the trigger to create a new market,” he said.

Interesting view on 4K:
Catching Up with Newton Thomas Sigel, ASC | ASC
“It’s funny, because almost every movie now is finished in 2K, even the ones with big visual effects, and very few of the visual effects are being done in 4K because of the cost and the difficulty,” he said. “So I think the whole 2K/4K argument is as much marketing as anything.

An Updated Guide to Applying LUTs to Log Footage | AbelCine
One of the most popular blog posts I’ve written was a guide to Applying LUTs to Log Footage in various NLEs. Since I posted it, a lot has changed in the popular NLEs; the tools used to apply Look Up Tables are now included in many of them, and they are generally better than ever.

Some amazing work done for the movie Enders Game, a lot done using After Effects scripts:
Screen UI Design | Jayse Hansen Portfolio
A key story point throughout the film is Ender’s nifty holographic tablet where he engages in numerous games to test his skill and strategy. Ender’s a kid genius, so he loves tons of data. This is my dream iPad so I had fun with it. I mocked this little guy up in C4d and After Effects.
Ender's Game GUI/Holograph Reel | AEScripts
I personally used the crap out of many aescripts + aeplugins tools - including some built by Zack Lovatt (who I worked with on Robocop) with my requests specific to the needs of Ender's Game such as Create Pivotal Null and tweaks to Explode Layer Shapes. I now use those all the time.

Eric Kress Lighting Workshop – part 1 | ASC
During the workshop Eric demonstrated simple variations of lighting close-ups of a man and a woman near a window. When we designed the session, Eric and I chose the theme of dual close-ups because lighting matching close ups is something that every cinematographer has to do often.

Julia Child 'Edits' Videotape | The Atlantic
It's a little video, just more than a minute long, that was filmed and produced for WGBH's 1964 Christmas party, a spoof meant only for the eyes of the station's staff. In it, WGBH producer Russell Morash asks chef Julia Child, "Exactly what is videotape?"

The “all you can watch” Netflix distribution model…can we be trusted? | Philip Bloom
The point of this post is really to actually get your opinions about the changing way we are watching TV. Since the advent of things like Tivo and Sky+ i never watch commercials anymore. If I want to watch a show “live” then if it has commercials I start 15 minutes later and then can fast forward through them. 

Exposition: Do modern audiences want less of it in stories? | Go Into Story
Just in general, I think modern audiences need less exposition than they used to. We see this with the compression of events in what comprises a typical Act One in contemporary scripts. If you go back and watch movies from the 80s, they generally spend the entire first half-hour setting up the Protagonist’s Ordinary World before launching them into the adventure. 

3 most common complaints about agents by scriptwriters | Writer's Digest
1. “My agent never calls me back!”“There are a lot of people who don’t return every phone call,” says literary manager Jeff Thal of Ensemble Entertainment, “even if you’re friends with them.”

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