Tuesday, February 18, 2014

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Ten Tips to Indie Filmmaking | Creative Cow
TWO: PLAN YOUR WORKFLOW BEFORE YOU SHOOT ONE FRAME As we have been shooting with the Canon 7D quite often, we had developed a pretty great workflow for shooting, transcoding to Prores, and using Plural Eyes with Final Cut 7 to sync all the sound (which was recorded separately from picture, into a TASCAM multitrack recorder).

Uncover the Digital 'Holy Grail': How to 'Get a Film Look Without Shooting Film' | No Film School
A webinar with VFX artist & colorist Jerome Thelia details just such a process, regarding the Oscar-winning short film Curfew. Read on for details.

gearlist seen in the video:kessler crane shuttle pod ( 8ft version ), CineDrive Pan / Tilt head, custom roll axisthe shuttlepod and P/T head is controlled via netbook and kOS. the roll axis is controlled with a oracle controller ( changing this soon to cinedrive ).

Free two page Professional Call Sheet Template | Cast and Crew
I’ve looked high and hard for a great call sheet template… even a good call sheet template… even just a usable call sheet template!!! I was not able to find one that really did the job. I was always jealous when I got hired to go on set to DP a shoot and the call sheet was all nice and pretty and more importantly easy to read and looks easy to use! An easy to use call sheet was nowhere to be found.

Coveted by top movie makers, this is how Cooke makes their lenses | Red Shark News
Cooke Lenses are coveted by top-end movie makers and any serious filmmaker that can afford them. RedShark's Phil Rhodes has been to their factory in Leicster, England

New 0.7x Baveyes adapter now shipping on eBay | SonyAlphaRumors
These Baveyes work just like the Speed Booster but do cost much less. Of course we will have to see if they are almost as good as the Metabones. Let me know if you find some test and samples. Thanks!

7 secrets of writing indie film | The Black Board
Rely on Character Centered StoriesIndie films are much closer to plays than Hollywood flics.

Nikon D5300 Review and why DSLRs are dead for video | EOSHD
Even if DSLRs get 4K which has been the case with the Canon 1D C, the photographic giants just don’t seem to bother putting any other video features in to sweeten the deal. The 1D C was barely unchanged from the 1D X whereas the mirrorless GH4 is based around a camera that was optimised for video from day one.

ODYSSEY7Q TO RECORD FS700 4K RAW | Convergent Design
4K RAW recording will be a part of the FS700 Record Option on the Odyssey7Q.  It will be made available as part of the upcoming February Firmware Update for the Odyssey7Q.  Any current owner of the FS700 Record Option will receive the 4K RAW capability as part of the firmware update and at no additional cost.

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