Wednesday, August 07, 2013

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Can you do serious work with Magic Lantern? | Red Shark
That's a question I've been asking myself, now that they are hinting at RAW capture with the Canon 7D....should I? Unfortunately, this article probably won't really answer the question for you, just give you some things to think about:
First of all, let's get rid of the idea that because the ML software is running on Canon's hardware it must be reliable, because the moment you install a single byte of "alien" code on a third-party's product, all the testing is completely invalidated. In a sense software like ML's would be treated by the original manufacturer as one giant bug.

Andrew Ellard on Writing for Film and Television | Filmmaker Magazine
I really enjoyed interviewing Andrew for Filmmaker. I'm not sure it comes through in the interview, but he's an energetic and enthusiastic guy:
There’s a lot of good advice out there but often it’s the same advice wearing a different hat. You just need to find the techniques that get you to write your best. I’ve got quite a structure-oriented mind, so I can skip a lot of things that Save the Cat has in it like, you must put on the card what’s the plus and what’s the minus, what’s the turn.

Boston Creative Pro User Group Meeting | August 22
Featuring a special conversation with ZACK ARNOLD, Editor (USA Network's BURN NOTICE)Zack will join us to discuss his "interesting" career path as well as his editorial work on this hit TV show.

Magic Lantern Raw vs H264 and Random Thoughts on the BMPCC | Learning DSLR Video
For me the new Black Magic Pocket Camera is very interesting because it appears with will have a nice wide dynamic range and it shoots raw or to a editing friendly codec like ProRes so can perhaps push the image even farther because of it’s actually larger dynamic range.

An Overview and Comparison of 16 External Video Recorders | Wolfcrow
This article is a simple side-by-side comparison of some of the major external recorders in the market today. The goal is to provide you a birds-eye view that will make your purchasing decision a whole lot easier.

First 4K movie delivered via internet as 6K shows signs of life | tech radar
6K? really?!
Odemax claims to be the first to deliver 4K content in a file. In June this year, a Japanese telecoms company also made UHD headlines by streaming 4K-resolution video directly from the internet to TV set-top boxes.

Five ways the digital camera changed us | BBC News Magazine
"I remember Sony Ericsson in 2001 showed off a phone with a clip-on camera," says Jonathan Margolis, a technology writer for the Financial Times. "Along with everyone else, I thought 'why would you want a phone with a camera?'"

Sony rejects Loeb's proposal to spin off entertainment unit | Reuters
Japan's Sony Corp on Tuesday rejected a proposal from activist shareholder Daniel Loeb to partially spin off its entertainment business but the billionaire investor vowed to keep talking with the company and to explore other options.

Cinefex Classic Collection for iPad | Kickstarter
Cinefex has a Kickstarter campaign under way to convert their back catalog to digital format.
To provide the best interactive experience possible, we have custom developed our own publishing platform, and are developing a reading, browsing and search environment just for the archived issues of Cinefex magazine. Instead of simply making PDFs of the pages, like more tablet magazines out there, we undertook the monumental task of adding features that we think are even more valuable to your creative development. 
Cinefex Classic on Kickstarter | prolost

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