Monday, August 05, 2013

Canon Firmware Update - Canon EOS C300/C300PL Cinema EOS Camera

Canon sent out the following announcement of a firmware update for the C300 yesterday (thanks to Paul Antico) :
This service notification e-mail contains important information about your Canon EOS C300 Cinema EOS Camera/Canon EOS C300 PL Cinema EOS Camera. Please note that product service announcement e-mails contain advisory or informational content that may be critical to the proper operation of your product, including safety, update, and instructional messages. Please carefully review the information in this e-mail as it relates to your Canon product.
Thank you for using Canon products.
Affected Products
Canon EOS C300 Cinema EOS Camera
Canon EOS C300 PL Cinema EOS Camera

Firmware Version incorporates the following additional functions and modifications:

1. Apple iOS6 is now supported when the camera is paired with the WFT-E6 for remote operation.

2. The polarity of the XLR terminal has been modified to improve compatibility with external audio devices. The pin configuration has been modified to be consistent with the description in the Instruction Manual.

Firmware Version is for Cinema EOS C300 and EOS C300 PL cameras with Firmware Version to Version If your camera's firmware is already Version, it is not necessary to update the firmware.

Once the camera is updated to the latest version, it cannot be restored to a previous version.
Download Firmware Version for the EOS C300.
Download Firmware Version for the EOS C300PL.

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