Friday, August 09, 2013

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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
It seems that the BMPCC is finally arriving - in limited quantities to Instagram and Twitter accounts near you.

Speaking of Blackmagic, their new page for the Production Camera 4K looks an awful lot like an Apple product page (and that's not necessarily a bad thing!) Order yours for $3,995...

Day 1 of 25: James Ponsoldt and The Spectacular Now | Scott Macaulay | Filmmaker Magazine
A new, occasional column here at Filmmaker, “The Shooting Schedule” looks at film production through the prism of a single shoot day. I peruse a film’s call sheet and production report and ask the director questions solely based on what I see there.

How to Option a Book for Film Adaptation |  Robert Zipser | Filmmaker Magazine
Hollywood has loved books ever since the days of silent films. It always will. Sometimes you will hear grumblings from studio executives and producers that acquiring motion picture and television rights to books costs too much. They vow to cut back on it. Pay no attention to this babbling.

Episode #11 – Den Lennie Talks Colour Grading with Warren Eagles | F Stop Academy
Warren Eagles is a Colorist and a very good one too…. I learned to grade with Warren at one of his intensive color grading workshops that he holds around the world.  He also set up along with some of the worlds top colorists to offer workshops and resources for anyone looking to learn more about  the art and craft of grading.
And if you're into color grading, you might be interested in this blog on Grading Wide Shots at iseehue.

A picture of a really long dolly track | Twitter
470 ft. of dolly track on the set of Paul Thomas Anderson's 'Inherent Vice'. #BehindTheScenes #Panavision #OnTheSet

If I saw Manhattan again, I would only see the worst. I would say: "Oh, God, this is so embarrassing. I could have done this. I should have done that." So I spare myself.

Venture Capitalist Who Suggested There Should Be Texting in Movie Theaters Writes "Another 1000 Words Proving [He's] an Asshole" | IndieWire
After saying he's being misunderstood (thinking like this is just what venture capitalists do!), he defends the first attack by reiterating that he wants to segregate movie audiences into people addicted to their Twitter feed and, well, people who can go two hours without a tweet.

Blackmagic Design - Hypderdeck Shuttle 2 ($327.75)

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