Saturday, June 08, 2013

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There were so many interesting things that came over the transom yesterday it seemed necessary to do a special Saturday update:

Raw is not log, log is not raw. They are very different things | Alister Chapman
An important difference:
Raw simply records the raw, unprocessed data coming off the video sensor, it’s not even a color picture as we know it, it does not have a white balance, it is just digital “1′s” and zeros coming straight from the sensor.
S-Log, S-Log2, LogC  or C-Log is a signal created by taking the sensors output, processing it in to an RGB or YCbCr signal and then applying a log gamma curve.

10 Most Expensive Mistakes Filmmakers Make | Elliot Grove | RainDance
2. Your Friends Can’t Act
I know you think your script is pretty damn good (lets face – none of your mates have the balls or the know-how to tell you it sucks) and now you really want to squander whatever nest egg your producer has whipped together for your budget?

The Camera as Narrator: V/H/S/2 | Nicholas Rombes | Filmmaker Magazine
The film theorist David Bordwell’s ideas about narration in film are pretty well accepted. For Bordwell the totality of a film’s techniques, ranging from sound to editing, constitute the narration of a film. The “invisible” style of filmmaking perfected by Hollywood during its classic era meant that everything from style to sound to narration was sublimated to the larger project of storytelling.

DP Alex Buono on Saturday Night Live‘s Evolving 4K Workflow | Studio Daily
"There's no mandate from NBCUniversal," Alex Buono, a DP who has worked for the Film Unit for the past 15 seasons, told StudioDaily. "it's more like, 'Hey, if you guys want to test out some 4K workflows, that would be great.' The network knows that someday they'll be going 4K, and they need to start steering the ship in that direction.

Build your own MoVI camera stabilizing rig for around $500 | Imaging Resource
You can see Antos talk about the rig and watch some footage from it in the video below. While not perfectly smooth, apparently it can be tweaked for better results by spending a bit more time making sure the camera is perfectly balanced in the gimbal, and by tweaking the gimbal's software. But for something that's 1/30th the price of the MoVI, it's a much more affordable option for small-budget film-maker using a light camera.

Directing 101 | Video School | Vimeo
It's important to go into your production knowing fully what you're talking about. Really invest yourself in the script and know it from front to back. By knowing your screenplay and storyboards really well, you know all of your shots, which leads to better time management and more successful planning of the actual shoot.

Netflix, Hulu, and the future of American television | BGR
The latest NPD numbers show Hulu growing at a surprisingly robust pace. Its share of U.S. shows streamed in Q1 2013 jumped to 10% from 7% in the same period one year earlier. Netflix still stands in majestic solitude with an 89% share, but its dominance is not preventing Hulu from gradually gaining ground.

My BulletProof Presentation at NAB2013 | Stu Maschwitz | ProLost
Bulletproof is an organizational tool which enables you to ingest and tag media, color correct on-set, and organize your footage to provide a complete solution to getting media ready for the edit. Stu explains from experience the many uses which Bulletproof offers. Described, as the other half of your camera, Bulletproof is currently available to download as part of an open beta program.

Old Mir lens 35mm ƒ2 used with a Metabones speed booster adapter on my Sony NEX-FS100 | mata-telinga | Vimeo
No particular fantastic images - the interest of this video is the combination of the extraordinary Metabones speed booster adapter and an old russian lens. - The manufacturer Metabones says on their site that it doesn't work to combine old M42 type of lenses with their adapter but it does. For sure it took some grinding etc on the cheap (>10 US$) M42 to Canon EF mount adapter. But that gave me with one operation a number of very good lenses.

Old Mir lens 35mm ƒ2 used with a Metabones speed booster adapter on my Sony NEX-FS100 from mata-telinga on Vimeo.

Sony NEX-FS100 Metabone promotion | Sony & B & H Photovideo
Sony is offering a promotion; buy a Sony NEX-FS100 from an authorized distributor and they'll send you (6-8 weeks) a Metabones EF lens to Sony NEX Smart Adapter ($399 value):
End Users can receive a Metabones EF Lens to Sony NEX Smart Adapter (MARK II), after purchases of a Sony NEX-FS700U, NEX-FS700K, NEX-FS100U and THE NEX-FS100K series Professional Camcorder during the promotion period from a Sony Authorized Reseller, Reseller of a Sony Authorized Distributor or directly from Sony. Eligible product must be ordered by and shipped to the end user within the promotion period in order to qualify for this rebate.

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