Wednesday, June 05, 2013

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Film look with the F55 on “Uncommon Enemies”Dennis Hingsberg
DP Dennis Hingsberg talks about shooting with the Sony F55:
For setting exposure I used my light meter religiously along with the waveform monitor built into the ikan D7W. Most of the scenes I was lighting for a max contrast ratio of 5:1 but generally talent was lit between 2:1 and 3:1, or sometimes more depending on where on the set they were or how the light was suppose to be motivated. I kept middle grey in the low 30’s and any bright light sources from exceeding 60-65 IRE.

the Scent | Stefan Müller | Vimeo
Stefan Müller is an Independent Film director from Austria who recently purchased a Canon C100 and sent us a link to his "first real life test of the camera," a short film called "The Scent."It's nicely done - especially the dog's performance!
It was shot using the internal AVCHD compression on the C100, using a Canon EF-S 17 - 55 f2.8 lens; a Rode stereo Video Mic Pro; a Manfrotto 055xpro tripod with the 501 head and a Kessler Stealth Traveller Slider.

the Scent from Stefan Müller on Vimeo.

Shooting in Snow and Ice with the Canon C100: Interview with Ben Pender-Cudlip | Michael Murie | Filmmaker Magazine
Ben Pender-Cudlip is a Boston-based documentary filmmaker who recently switched from shooting with a DSLR to the Canon C100. His first project shot on the C100 was a short that included a segment on ice climbing. In this second part of our interview with him about switching to the C100, Pender-Cudlip talks about the project and what it was like to use the camera in these conditions.

Arrested Development at Shapeshifter | Randy Coonfield | Creative COW
For season 4, Arrested Development shot on the RED Epic. Using a typical television workflow, these original files were being converted to an uncompressed format, such as DPX. But Dakota Pictures, the production company that produced Arrested Development, was looking for a way to improve the efficiency and flexibility of the process.

Looking For a Gig vs Creating Your Own as a Filmmaker | Thaddeus Setla | Zacuto
I had just gotten my feet wet with this documentary and it was clear that if I wasn’t telling the genuine stories of first responded around the world, who would? I had found my niche, and even though I wasn’t the first person to tell the stories of the first ones who responded, I had to be better and I had to do it different! I started following people like Shane Hurlbut, ASC, Den Lennie, and many more people that not only inspired me, but took the time to speak with me.

Loslassen - Letting Go Teaser Trailer | Götz Raimund | Vimeo
A feature being shot on the Sony F5 + AXS-R5 Recorder, Sony F3 with Gemini 444 and FS700 with Samurai 422. They've posted a lot of behind-the-scenes material on their Facebook page.

Loslassen - Letting Go Teaser Trailer from Götz Raimund on Vimeo.

Movie In Color
Interesting color breakdowns for frames taken from a film.
A blog featuring stills from films and their corresponding color palettes. A tool to promote learning and inspiration. Updated daily.

Blackmagic Camera Tutorial Series | Color Grading Central
Excited with a challenge and loving to share my knowledge and insights with others I embarked on a journey to discover what this camera was all about, what it could do and all that it had to offer. I’m pleased to bring you my learning’s and discoveries of this camera in my brand NEW Blackmagic Camera Tutorials Series, a FREE learning experience for those just getting started with and wanting to take full advantage of the camera’s capabilities and RAW color grading workflow!

Extending the Ken Burns feature in Final Cut Pro X |
In this week's episode of MacBreak Studio, Steve and Mark take a look how to extend the functionality of the built-in Ken Burns picture moving tool. If you want a pause in the movement, then read on.

Dive Provides Visual Effects For Summer Blockbuster “After Earth”
| Creative COW
DIVE’s work on the film included a number of complex visual effects shots featuring set extension, sky replacement, paint, rotoscoping and compositing. DIVE also created 3D elements to enhance the wreckage of the spaceship and the debris field created by the crash.

Fast & Furious 6: Explosive Effects | Wired | YouTube
A behind the scenes look at the work of visual effects house "Double Negative" who created a crashing and exploding Antonov aircraft.

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