Saturday, March 02, 2013

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Working with Hair and Makeup – Interview with Maya Landi | Michael Murie | Filmmaker Magazine
Filmmaker: How do you age a person?
Landi: One of the techniques to use is to take a color that is a few shades darker than someone’s skin tone and very finely fill in the lines in their faces. You have them make different facial expressions to create different lines. To fill in the lines on the forehead, you have someone raise their eyebrows; to create crow’s feet around the eyes you have them smile and squint really hard.

Ep. 35 - "The Needie Awards" (with Michael Murie) | NeedCreative Podcast | Anticipate Media
I make a quest appearance on the latest NeedCreative Podcast:
In this 35th episode of the NeedCreative Podcast, your co-hosts Paul Antico and Jason Sidelinger are joined by our new newscaster, Michael Murie, to discuss the latest news in the independent video world - and to give our first annual "Needie" Awards for 2012, highlighting some of the best in the independent video/film production world! It's a little silly but informative fun. We also introduce a brand new News segment!

Canon Cinema EOS Systems: The Evolution Into the 4K Capture World with Larry Thorpe | Rule Boston
If you're in Boston, this will be worth going to: Wednesday March 6th, Learning Lab at 10am and Pub Night at 6pm
Learn how to navigate the world of digital cinema in 4K and 2K with Larry Thorpe, Senior Fellow, Imaging Technologies & Communications Group, Professional Engineering & Solutions Division at Canon, who leads a discussion of recording in 4K and 2K with the latest Cinema EOS cameras including the C500, C300, C100 and 1D-C. Larry will also examine 4K and 2K workflows and 4K external recorders along with the latest advances in 4K technology.

Avid’s Argo Oscar Accolades Shortlived Due to Accounting Issues | James DeRuvo | Doddle Me
Avid continues it's descent...
Roger Kay, a tech analyst for Wayland, says that while the professional editors are still cutting on Avid, the next generation is very comfortable on Final Cut Pro or Premiere.  “If you’re Steven Spielberg, you still need Avid, but how many Spielbergs are out there that need that,” Kay said. “It’s not enough to sustain a market. Of course, the great irony here is, that while Spielberg prefers to cut old school (on film), he’s recently been a sometime convert to digital.”

Google vs. Apple - The Race to Push Video to Your TV | Franklin McMahon | Broadcast Engineering Blog
Clearly inspired by Apple’s AirPlay and Apple TV, there are distinct differences on the Apple side of this kind of tech. There are numerous variances of Android OS flavors but Apple’s iOS has AirPlay built in to the OS. If and when Apple does decide to make its own TV, millions of devices, iPhones to iPads to iPods, would immediately be compatible. The Apple TV device is already gaining a lot of traction, and last year it sold more units than ever.

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