Thursday, February 28, 2013

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Canon C100 Hands On Review | Erik Naso
Right off the bat I can tell you the image is fantastic! Sharp and natural looking. I shot in Canon Log mode at ISO 850 to get the most DR from the camera. When in log mode the LCD image gets darker. I used the View Assist feature setting in the menu to brighten up the LCD display. This helped. 

Canon Hosting Free Time Lapse Seminar w/ Vincent Laforet Coming Up Next Week | ERIC REAGAN | Photography Bay
For those of you in the Hollywood, CA area, Canon Live Learning is putting on a free seminar next week (March 6, 2013) with Vincent Laforet on creating time lapse sequences with DSLRs.

Some Like It RAW. Part 02: Low Light | Ryan Walters
Welcome to Part 02 of Some Like It RAW, where I am comparing the Arri Alexa, Blackmagic Cinema Camera, and the Red Epic. My goal for these tests is to explore how each of these cameras handle real world shooting environments. Part 01 explored how these cameras handle IR pollution. In part 02, I test the limits of low light levels, or underexposure. Continue on to watch the 11 minute video, read my summary, and get the downloadable RAW frames from each camera.

Cutting for Story: Editor Andrew Weisblum in Conversation | Heather von Rohr
| Filmmaker Magazine
In the editing room, Aronofsky knows exactly what he wants, but for the first cut offers “almost no direction,” to see what Weisblum will bring to the conversation, while Anderson dictates the first assembly according to how he envisions it — “once he sees that version, the floor is open.”

Ross Shain: What the Heck is Mocha? | Digital Production Buzz
As a follow-up to our segment with J-P Smith, we talk with Ross Shain, the chief marketing officer for Imagineer Systems, in more depth about what mocha is, who can use it, and what we can expect in the latest version. If you ever want to do motion tracking, you need to listen to this segment.

Compositing Tips for DaVinci Resolve | jonny | Jonny Elwyn
A collection of tutorials from different sources:
Here are a few handy quick tips for creating composites using external matte and multilayer matte nodes in DaVinci Resolve.

Visual effects are inexpensive | SCOTT SQUIRES | Effects Corner
The Visual Effects Industry is going through tough times in Hollywood, which has prompted various protests:
Ang Lee and everyone in Hollywood say visual effects are too expensive. We’ve created the worlds and characters that make their movies possible and the large profits usually associated with them. Yet their thanks to us is to tell us we’re too expensive. 

TUTORIAL SERIES: Explosive Training! | Andrew Kramer | Video Copilot
Our new massive training series is now online and it is FREE! Possibly the most advanced tutorial series we have created so you can see what it takes to work on a more in-depth shot. The first hour is compositing in After Effect then we learn to build advanced 3D assets!

Wednesday Rigging: Documentary Rig | Pascal Depuhl | DSLR Video Shooter
The photograph here shows me in a hangar in Kabul filming a short documentary about a humanitarian flight service in Afghanistan last year. The rig is set up to quickly go from being mounted on sticks, to go onto my shoulder – the long Easom cage rods on the back include the super light weight rubber shoulder mount from Half Inch rails. 

MFM Filmmaker Interview: Edward Burns discusses microbudget filmmaking
| YouTube
Writer/Director Edward Burns sat down with us at the Sundance Film Festival 2013 to discuss why he loves the freedom that comes with microbudget filmmaking, the compromises that are involved when working with less money, why digital distribution interests him more than conventional theatrical, using social media (primarily Twitter) to reach his audience and why he enjoys it.

The 7 Types of Film Festivals You Will Meet | Sean Farnel | IndieWire
If you're presenting a film at a third-type festival, it is more than likely that you have either already presented your film at first and/or second-type festivals, have been declined by those same festivals, or are super specialized. However, third-type festivals are a chance to get with your peeps, to allow your film to do the work it was meant to do, and to bask in the warm glow of unconditional love (or envy, depending).

Let 4K/UltraHD Speak For Itself | ANDREW ROBINSON
Sony doing it's best to only get positive reviews:
As of this morning my date with the 84-inch beauty is no more as they notified me, through my publisher and owner of Home Theater Review, Jerry Del Colliano, that I would not be reviewing their large 4K display. Further proof, in my opinion, that rather than let 4K speak for itself they’re going out of their way to manipulate the information.

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