Tuesday, February 05, 2013

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Using a Home Projector for Rear Projection | Michael Murie | Filmmaker Magazine
The projector mentioned in this article, the Vivitek D950 1080p HD (at $899), did an amazing job: 
I was amazed at how bright the projector was; given the size of the image (about 40 feet across) and the fact that the curtain wasn’t a real projection screen. The room was darkened, but it was still quite impressive. 

1. Write the Feature. 2. Make a Short. 3. Get the Feature Made. (Coming Soon: a MANCHILD Short) | Ryan Koo | No Film School
This section isn’t easy to write, because I can hear this hypothetical comment ahead of time: “Wait, you got us all to give you money so you could make your movie and now you say you need MORE money?” Sure, but I’m not asking for more money on Kickstarter; we’re looking to raise more financing to make MANCHILD by augmenting the Kickstarter funds with traditional independent film financing. Most Kickstarter campaigns only cover part of a film’s production, not the entirety of it, and this one is no different.

The Lightworks Linux Beta is Coming! | Lightworks
Before the end of the first quarter of 2013 we will be making the Linux version of Lightworks available as a Public Beta, the same as with the latest Windows Beta. A confirmed date will be announced once we finialise some more improvements. There is still a lot of work to be done primarily in finishing off the new licensing scheme which we will be trialling with the Linux Beta. If it proves successful, this same licensing will be rolled out to the Windows and Mac versions. More information will follow early next year as it becomes available.

Making the Intro: Neil's Puppet Dreams - Behind the Scenes with Digital Twigs
| Nerdist | YouTube
Stop motion BTS:
Visually we wanted to show Neil's insides as the inner workings of a puppet. We knew right away we wanted to do it all practical, and include the Henson Alternative puppet parts. So we proceeded by building the inside of Neil's head/brain out of meat and felt. It got a little smelly but it was worth it."

Canon 1DC / MJPEG Compression Banding | Miller | Philip Bloom
Some users have found shooting Canon Log at lower than the native ISO value of 400 can cause extreme banding. I’ve made some tests below to show that the compression used and it’s quality value is the main cause for banding and compression dithering blocking.

Timelapse Basics – A Few Things to Consider When Shooting a Timelapse
| Preston Kanak | Philip Bloom
One of the challenges you need to overcome when shooting is determining the ideal setting for your camera. In this post, I will walk you through a few of the settings you will need to consider. I will also be asking a few questions that will help guide you towards the perfect settings for your given scenario. I will be covering the following:

Assimilate Updates Scratch for Sony F5/F55, Canon C500, BMCC | Bryant Frazer
| Studio Daily
Assimilate upgraded its Scratch and Scratch Lab DI software to support a raft of new camera formats, including Sony's F5 and F55, the Canon C500, and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Also new is an accelerated debayer method for Arriraw footage that the company says is "dramatically faster." It's set as the default for loading new Arriraw media.

Panasonic’s New Sensor Technology Does Away with Color Filter, Gains One Stop Sensitivity | FELIX ESSER | The Phoblographer
Panasonic’s new technology diverts the different wavelengths of red, blue and green light to the corresponding pixels with the help of a special refractive material. To the effect of gaining a whole stop of light sensitivity that was previously lost due to the color filter swallowing half of the incoming light.

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