Monday, February 04, 2013

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Cinematographer Ben Smithard (My Week With Marilyn) on choosing Sony’s F65 for Belle | Chris Patmore | movieScope
The Sony is better than a lot of other digital cameras and is probably the closest to film that I’ve ever seen. I really hope that the F65 becomes a standard because it’s a great camera and it would be good for the film industry to settle on something, because there’s a lot of money swilling around the pot that could be better used somewhere else.

F55/F5 RAW support (in addition to F65RAW) | Sony
Sony releases support for Sony's F5 and F55 in Premiere Pro:
This plug-in adds support for Sony RAW MXF files in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 products, allowing viewing and editing capabilites.
What's New: F55/F5 RAW support (in addition to F65RAW)

| Andrew Wonder | Blog
Now putting the 1DC in the real world it becomes harder to see the differences that 4K brings to the table. Yes it appears sharper (my assistant Danny says you feel like there are less layers between you and the image) and slightly more detailed but nothing that makes me want to throw away my 5D.

Canon C100 & FilmConvert for C-LOG | Sebastian | Cinema 5D
The C100 is a very underestimated camera. It is very ergonomic to use, fast, and has a powerful and lowlight capable sensor. Despite the AVCHD compression (you can see the compression artefacts in this very demanding source clip on vimeo: LINK) a lot can be achieved (We'll have a more detailed look at it soon). With filmconvert's support this affordable camera ($6499) gets even more competitive. 

Shooting a Super Bowl Feature: There is No Spoon | stillmotion | Blog
Using the Canon C100:
Aren’t they up in arms about the footage since the C100′s AVCHD 4:2:0 codec is not “approved” for broadcast?Nope. We’ve delivered terabytes of footage and not one editor, director or producer has mentioned a single word about codec.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera: Video vs. Film | Daniel Freytag | Vimeo
A quick test between the Video and Film mode with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

Using a Hand-Held Bullet-Time GoPro Rig to Shoot a Music Video | DL Cade
| PetaPixel
At the top, you’ll find a behind the scenes look at how it was all put together, and we have to admit, it’s an interesting way to film. He used a total of 15 GoPro Hero 2′s mounted on a custom-built rig to capture all of the footage, and all in all the project took only a few hours to shoot.

From ARRI Alexa to Sony HVR: What the 2013 Sundance Filmmakers Shot On
We've compiled the information in a list of the filmmakers' responses for those that are curious.  Many films have used more than one camera, so to find all cameras listed for a film, we recommend doing a search of this page for the title through your browser [...]
Not surprisingly, the ARRI Alexa, Canon 5D, the RED Cameras and Sony EX3 and F3 were some of the most popular choices.

Product Review: Sony Sound Forge Pro Mac | Larry Jordan | Blog
However, if you don’t currently have any audio editing software, or are looking for something to take the place of Soundtrack Pro, Sound Forge Pro Mac is state-of-the-art audio software, with a clean, easy to understand interface, sophisticated editing functions and basic audio repair technology. It is also very competitively priced.

*UPDATE* EOS 70D is Coming, The Future of Pro APS-C Will Change
| CanonRumors
The other reports that have leaked in, is the xxD line would return to where the 50D was in terms of build quality and size. We’d be going back to a more semi-professional style camera. If this happens, that would definitely change the EOS 7D’s place in the lineup.


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