Wednesday, February 06, 2013

PROCTUX - a cool Final Cut Pro X controller app for the iPad

Well, this looks cool. It's ProCutX for Final Cut Pro X, an iPad interface for controlling Final Cut Pro X that actually looks cooler than the interface of Final Cut Pro X.

But $24.99? Hmmm..

I must admit, I purchased another - sort of similar - iPad app that controlled Final Cut Pro 7, and used it exactly twice. It wasn't because it didn't work, it was just that I could work very well with the keyboard and mouse...switching to the iPad didn't really seem like that useful.

So yes, I find it intriguing, but I'm not certain that if I bought it I would actually do anything more than try it out once, go 'that's so cool,' and then never use it again....which is about the story for half the apps I've ever installed on my iPad.

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