Thursday, October 25, 2012

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Mike Burnhill: While the EOS-1D C is based on the core specifications of the EOS-1D X, it has been further optimised to provide even higher quality video performance that’s suitable for cinematic production. While both cameras feature the same sensor and processor, several of the circuit boards are different due to the high data rates and internal heat generated by up to 4K shooting.

Capturing the Essence of the Edit | Ron Dawson | Dare Dreamer
One of the most effective ways you can shorten an edit is to get rid of all the ums, pauses, and tangential thoughts an interviewee gives. Usually the more nervous a person is, the more of these they will have. So it behooves you to make them as comfortable and at ease as possible during the interview itself.

Shoot Like a Pro Series - Interview Basics | Sony Professional | YouTube
Basic interview lighting in a video tutorial:
In this episode, you will learn tips & tricks for lighting and shooting an interview, indoors and out.The "Shoot Like a Pro Series" is directed by Chuck Fishbein, Crazy Duck Productions.

An interview with Michael Barrett, DP: Doing "No Good Deed" with Sony's F65 [PDF] | Sony
NOTE: If you're on a Mac, make sure you open this in Adobe Acrobat Reader; it may not display correctly in Safari or Preview:
This camera had a direct impact on the length of a shooting day as well as the locations chosen for filming. The sensitivity of the camera allowed for the use of much smaller lights, where were faster and easier to position. We were able to move in and out of locations that might otherwise have needed additional manpower and time.

Mac mini catches up to 2010 Mac Pro in benchmark tests | Electronista
The new Mac mini has reportedly reached performance levels comparable to the previous-generation Xserve and Mac Pro desktops released in 2010, according to benchmark tests posted by colocation service provider Macminicolo.

Redrock microRemote? | Ryan P. Kelly | RedUser
Ryan Kelly Shares His Thoughts on the Redrock Micro microRemote
Really love the System. I especially like that with the fingerwheel plugged in...turning on the wireless unit Maps the lens to the wireless. Turn off the wireless and control goes back to the fingerwheel...remapping it again. No need to recalibrate the lens when you want to switch.

American Cinematographer Spotlights ‘The Master' | Cigarettes & Red Vines
The decision to shoot the film in 65mm was "very trial-and-error" according to PTA. Cinematographer Mihai Malaimare Jr. confirmed, "At first, we were using 65mm for close-ups and sometimes for extreme wide shots. But as we watched our film dailies, which were 35mm optical-reduction prints from the 65mm negative, we were amazed at how different the 65mm looked from anything else we were seeing, even at the reduced resolution.

ENCRYPTING BASIC TV | David Rosen | Filmmaker Magazine
On October 12, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) unanimously approved a measure to allow the major cable companies to encrypt basic tier programming. Basic tier consists of traditional “over-the-air” broadcast channels. Previously, the leading Multi-System Operators (MSOs) were permitted to only encrypt programming offered as part of more expensive packages.

Want more crowdfunding? Target the Democratic states | Nathaniel Mott
| PandoDaily
Indiegogo goes into further depth on its site, but the results seem to suggest that if you’re looking to raise money for a creative endeavor and have something to offer in return, go with a Blue state (specifically New York, California, and, oddly enough, Oregon). If you’re simply looking to raise a little money and can’t offer anything in the way of rewards your best bet would be to target Red states (like Wyoming, West Virginia, and Arkansas).

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