Thursday, October 25, 2012

Canon 5D Mark II Price Drop

The venerable Canon 5D Mark II is currently selling for $1,699. The $400 rebates end Oct 27th, though Canon’s rebates have already been extended multiple times and I can’t help think that they’ll probably continue until the camera is discontinued. The 5D Mark III has also dropped to $3,199.

$1,699 for a full-frame sensor DSLR which still does a pretty good job of capturing HD video is a very attractive price. The 5D Mark II has fallen in price almost $1,000 from when it first appeared. $1,699 is what I paid for the Canon 7D.

I’ve wanted a full-frame sensor DSLR for a long time – I like to use wide-angle lenses! – so I’m very tempted to buy one. The only problem is that, for video, today I'd rather save my money for the Canon C100 or the Sony NEX-FS700.

Way Back Machine
This September 17, 2008 post is the first I wrote on the 5D Mark IIThis SLR does bigger movies. Turns out I had no idea what this camera was going to be:
If I hadn't just bought the Panasonic, I'd jump out and get one of these; and yeah, I know it isn't practical as a primary video camera, but I think it could be really useful for special effects with wide-angle lenses. Oh, and a wicked-awesome SLR!!
...By the 21st, sample videos were out and Vincent Laforet was talking about shooting with the camera. It was just four years ago.

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