Monday, October 22, 2012

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Handheld with a BMCC – Behind the scenes with Puberty Blues | John Brawley
| Blog
This is a good example of what to expect when shooting handheld with a BMCC. The camera had no rig at all and I was just handholding a straight body. I spent a single day shooting this and a day editing it together. I’ve seen a few discussions about not being able to shoot handheld with the BMCC. 

After Effects: Offsetting Position Keyframes | Zola | MotionWorks
In this Prosential tip, guest host James Zwadlo (@zola85) demonstrates different techniques for repositioning a keyframed motion path in After Effects

How to Build Your Own Hackintosh Mac Pro | Danny Greer | Premiumbeat
Apple is expected to announce an iPad Mini this week, but probably not a Mac Pro update. If not, you can always build your own Hackintosh following these articles from earlier in the year:
Lifehacker has addressed this need with a post outlining the tech equipment you need to build your own Hackintosh Mac Pro.   They offer up three options for creating either an entry-level, mid-range or high-end version of the Mac Pro using standard PC hardware  Even the most basic Hackintosh on this list is faster than Apple’s current Mac Pro.

Ep. 18 - Narrative Short Film (with Sean Meehan) | NeedCreative
| Anticipate Media
In this 18th episode of the NeedCreative Podcast, your co-hosts Paul Antico and Jason Sidelinger were joined via Skype by special guest Sean Meehan of Cross River Pictures to discuss Paul's new short "Arrowhead" and the challenging nature of very short narrative film. We also go over the many happenings in the past week in independent filmmaking. 

The Definitive Sony NEX 7 Video Rig | Michael Britt | Photo Cine News
So my goal for a great Sony NEX-7 rig was to make it small and portable like the camera, and to be able to switch to vertical orientation quickly and easily. Starting with the tripod head, I bought the Manfrotto MH055M8-Q5 Photo-Movie Tripod Head. This is billed as a hybrid head and it really works pretty well. It’s a ball head in one mode and a fluid video head in the other. 

Portrait of a projectionist | Philip Bloom | Vimeo
Portrait of Ridwaan Fridie. A film projectionist in the Labia theatre in Cape Town, South Africa for the past 24 years but with big changes on the horizon where does that leave Ridwaan?
Shot on the Canon 1DX in available light using the Canon 50mm F1.2, 100mm L Macro, Rokinon Cine 24mm T1.4. Rokinon Cine 14mm T3.1. Canon 70-200 F4

South Africa 3: New mini doc “The sea water drinkers” | Philip Bloom | Blog
Another short from Philip, this one shot with the Sony NEX-FS700:
For the vast majority of this piece I shot with the excellent optically, but mechanically a pain in the arse 17-55 F2.8 Canon with IS. A great handheld lens for APS-C and Super 35mm. I also used my “sniper lens” the Canon 100-400 for picking off long shots and lots of those super slow motion shots.


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