Saturday, March 10, 2012

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Canon teases 'exclusive screening' in Las Vegas, new Cinema EOS products coming at NAB? | Zach Honig | Engadget
Canon has something else up their sleeves?! Could this be the 4K DSLR they talked about back when they rolled out the C300, or something else?
With both its 1D and 5D-series models already confirmed for 2012, today's Canon teaser hints at something slightly different -- and, according to our sources, a major announcement. The event is set for April 15th -- during the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas

24 mm tilt / shift lens from Samyang launched this summer | Megapiksel
I have the Rokinon 35mm f1.4 lens, and it's a nice combination of quality build and optics in a manual lens, so it's exciting to see that Samyang (sold as Rokinon and other names) is working on a tilt-shift lens. I've wanted a tilt-shift lens for a long time, but Canon's are really expensive (their TS-E 24mm f/3.5 is $2,100) and I just don't think I'll get enough usage out of the lens to justify the price. Samyang's should be a lot cheaper.
Samyang has via his Facebook page confirmed that they work with a 24mm tilt / shift lens. According to the company is their first perspective control lens is expected to reach the market in summer 2012.

5 Things You Should Know About the Canon C300 | Filmtools | Vimeo
A 7 minute video from Jim Martin of Filmtools that covers: Lenses, Form Factor, Image Quality, Operation Costs, and Production Costs.

BTS on the Keith Urban “Act of Valor” Music Video | Shane Hurlbut
| Hurlbut Visuals
Music video shoot Behind the Scenes with C300 and Alexa:
When Scotty and I discussed the look and feel of the video, we immediately looked at each other and said, "anamorphic on mixed platforms." The C300 had just come out, and we wanted to use this tool in Man Cam mode to resemble the shooting style of the film, as well as the Arri Alexa with C series Anamorphics.

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Hired | How To Film School
Some things not to do, along with other tips once you have the job:
How to ensure you get the call:
Work hard, be nice and be helpful without stepping on toes
Know your job responsibilities and what you can and can’t do. DO NOT speak on behalf of anyone or over anyone.
DO NOT consume drugs or alcohol on set! Know your limits and try not to go out and party when you have to work the next day.

Bite Your Tongue | DOLLYGRIPPERY
Dealing with difficult people:
While I'm a firm believer in knowing where you stand in the whole pyramid structure of the film crew, I also am not very good at being treated like a tool rather than a technician (see previous post). There are times when you just have to bite your tongue. Dealing with an inexperienced or attitude challenged camera operator can be trying, and sooner or later you will reach a point of saying, "Enough's enough."

The (Insert Any Camera Here) Debate | Jon Connor | Shoot Edit Learn
With NAB coming up, here's a look at the different types of articles and writers:
The Pixel Peeper is only concerned with the (insert any spec here). No matter what (insert any camera here) can do. They are just here to remind us all of the various (insert any specs here) that the camera is lacking. Think “rain on the parade” or “wet blanket” but way nerdier and more annoying.

Which After Effects Glow Plug-in should I get? | Michele Yamazaki | Toolfram
A small excerpt from the book Plug-in to After Effects: Third Party Plug-in Mastery:
Question: Hi, I have CS5 Production Bundle (PPro + AE, etc). I am looking for a 'Glow' plugin that is SIMILAR to the Sapphire Effect: "GLOW" That ideally I can purchase separately or in a SMALL bundle? I can't justify $1600 even if the other effects are I just never used them. ANY products you can suggest?

Nattress launch their $49 pack of Film Transitions for Final Cut Pro | FCP.Co
A plug-in for Final Cut Pro, Motion and After Effects:
Jumpy Splice simulates the effect of film jumping out of the projector's registration sprockets at the point of a tape splice. Choose from 35mm, 16mm, 8mm and Super8 style film!
Burn Through mimics the melting and burning of the film image when the film jams in the projector and gets roasted by the projector lamp. Select from several different burn styles, or create and load your own!

Name That Stage – Identifying the Progress of Your Edit | Richard Harrington
The four stages of an edit (there's just four?!)
Assembly: The goal of the Assembly Edit is to simply strong the right clips the the right order. Initial selections are made and the goal is to quickly create an edit that can be watched. This may be called a “radio edit”, meaning that it is meant to be listened to more than actually watched. The objective is to get an idea of how long the video is running and get quick reactions from the stakeholders on how to approach the project.

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