Friday, March 09, 2012

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First day with the Canon EOS C300 | Paul Joy | Blog
Paul explores his new camera and discovers how to customize some of the operational functions:
I use special modes like over cranking and interval record a lot and it’s always nice to have a quick peep at the clip you just recorded once the completed. If you’re in a special mode on the C300 though the rec/review button doesn’t function and an “invalid operation” error appears on the LCD. The only way to use the rec/review button is to disable the special mode first. That’s just a bit annoying and I’m sure could be fixed in the software.

Priorities & Differences: Nikon D800 vs Canon 5D MkIII | Mike Curtis
| Pro Photo Coalition
A comparison of these two new cameras, primarily for the still photographer, though video functions are mentioned:
I don’t see any possible way for the 5D Mark III to do anything but best the D800 in low light performance, and it could easily be over a stop of difference between the two. Time will tell. Or actually, DXOmark will. Get on it, lads.

Canon 5D Mark III – Does More, Costs More | Michael Murie | Filmmaker
I put together this look at the new video features in the 5D Mark III:
It’s important to remember that there’s one thing the Mark III has that none of the large-sensor video cameras have; that full-size 35mm chip; The C300 and the Sony’s all use Super35 (similar to APS-C) sized chips. Is the larger chip a good thing? It makes your lenses wider and your depth of field shallower. Some people like that – others think it can be too extreme – but it’s one difference the Mark III will continue to have over most of the competition.

GH2 is only true 1080P 'DSLR' | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
Andrew argues that the Panasonic GH2 is the only (current) DSLR that really does 1080p; other cameras may claim to do it, but the resolution in the video itself is closer to 720p footage. This image contains sections of stills from 1080p footage taken with the GH2 and Canon 5DII compared to a 5DII still and a GH2 720p frame. Note: The 5D Mark III should do better!

8K Sony F65 Video Walkthrough | Daniel Gurzi | Adorama
Adorama Rental’s Director of Digital Cinema, Daniel Gurzi, does some video walkthrough of the Sony F65:
4. Rear Deck
Topics covered include:
deck control, time code control, level control, XLR inputs, shutter sync

The first lightweight rigs for Scarlet-X and C300 are here | Cinema5D
Specs of the Zacuto Recoil rig which is specially configured for the Canon C300 and RED Scarlet:
If you're looking for lightweight and affordable Zacuto now brings a solution that is looking really good. They're selling their new "Recoil" handheld rig package for $1375 (excluding the viewfinder and viewfinder mount).

The good thing about it is not only its lightweight and simple design, but also that it can be used for the Scarlet-X AND the C300.

Don't Get Crushed By the Online Video Boom | Chris Potter | Screenlight
Online video may be booming, but things don't look so good for video production houses:
According to a 2011 report by the IBISWorld, the U.S. post-production industry is on the path to extinction, along with much larger industries like wired telecommunications, mills, and newspaper publishing. IBIS reports that revenue in the $4.3 billion post-production industry decreased by 25% between 2000-2010, and it projects that revenue will decline by 11% between 2010-2016.

How to add film grain using Rgrain and Premiere Pro CS5 | Rgrain | Vimeo
A short look at using this grain plug-in:
This tutorial demonstrates how to use Rgrain's film grain plates with Premiere Pro CS5. It works the same way with prior versions of Premiere Pro but might not be real-time without the Mercury Playback Engine.

The Rgrain plate used in this demo is the 35mm 500T and the film grain is lowered to 45% of opacity. This creates a very organic image and removes the digital "plastic" look. Subtle but very effective.

Avid Readies for a Brave New World | Kirk Arnold | Creative COW
Kirk Arnold, Avid Executive Vice President/COO talks about Avid...and Apple:
With regard to the recent move of editors from Apple Final Cut Pro to Avid Media Composer, the reality is that Apple is a great partner of ours and we have a very strong commitment to support the Mac client as a primary client. We respect Apple as a competitor and partner. Our conversations with customers are not negatively infused; many of them remain committed to Apple workstations, phones and so on and we will continue to work closely with Apple on many fronts.

Raiding The Lost Ark: A Filmumentary By Jamie Benning | jambe davdar | Vimeo
An almost two and a half hour long behind-the-scenes/making of documentary that appears to have been made as a "non-profit" venture by a film buff; though I think the copyright issues could keep lawyers busy for years...

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