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Canon Announces EOS 5D3 DSLR Camera | Glidetrack | Blog
Interesting description of the Canon 5D3 as a stop-gap before the 1DX arrives (I don't think that's how Canon imagined it):
A few of the new features mentioned above have been borrowed from the EOS – 1D X so you need to decide whether you want this puppy now or wait until the end of April (if we’re lucky) for the 1D X. There is no point in forking out $10,000 for two cameras that are going to have the same specifications and features. The new shooter looks really similar to the current 5D II model but on closer inspection there are a few subtle changes – improved weather sealing, adjustments to the buttons and tweaks to the info display on the back.

My thoughts on the new Canon 5D mark III | Paul Gwilliams | Blog
Looks at the new features in the 5D3:
Moiré, aliasing and rolling shutter: Those dreaded three things that have plagued DSLR’s ever since their inception are apparently much improved on the 5d3 – I’ll reserve my judgement until I actually get to shoot with the camera but 
looking at the 5D3 promo videos (linked below) some of the surfaces that are well known to produce moiré – dogtooth and mesh – seem to be free from those strobing lines.

Hands-on with the Canon 5D Mark III video mode | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
Andrew was able to briefly try out the 5D Mark III at the Focus On Imaging show in the UK:
The first thing I did was to link up my Zacuto EVF. The output of the 5D Mark III is indeed only 720p and not full HD, and it isn’t clean of overlays – nor can it be made so with the pre-release firmware. Bear that in mind – key word is pre-release and HDMI may improve with the final release, although such a fundamental change is very unlikely.

Everything You Wanted to Know about the New Canon EOS 5D Mark III, But Were Afraid to Ask | Cameratown
Not sure this is everything, but it's a lot of things:
The body of the 5D Mark is now more rugged and water resistant. Not as much as their pro 1D X, but at least it's now able to withstand humid environments, much better than the previous 5DMKII.

It is also thought that Canon increased the sensor by 1-megapixel in order to improve the video 'downscaling' image quality, since 1920x1080 (1080p) is an exact multiple of the new 22-megapixel sensor.

Manfrotto to Launch the World's First True Electronic Follow-Focus Remote Controls for Canon HDSLR’s | Cameratown
Cameratown get's into their time machine and comes back from April 12 2012 with information about electronic follow-focus controls for Canon HDSLRs from Manfrotto:
Manfrotto’s new remote controls circumvent the need for any physical, hardware interface between follow-focus system and the camera lens, and instead wire directly into the camera body to use its internal focus control systems. The advantages are obvious: lenses can be swapped easily, no extra hardware or adjustment is required, nothing and no-one moves the camera unexpectedly during follow-focus, one-man camera operation is easier and control at a distance is as simple as extending the cable between the camera and the remote.

Why I Love The Canon C300 | Dan Chung | DSLR News Shooter
Dan explains why he likes the C300 over the PMW-F3 and other camera choices:
The C300 solves this problem by shooting BBC approved 50Mbps HD footage directly to its onboard CF cards. My Sony F3 can shoot beautiful 50Mbps footage too, but I need to add an external Prores recorder like the KiPro mini and that adds weight, bulk and extra cables. The advantage of the C300 is that does so without sacrificing the quick and nimble shooting style I have become accustomed to with DSLR video – you can handhold the C300 easily enough and it feels like an overgrown 5D mkII in the hand.

Canon C300 vs 7D by Pro Motion Hire | YouTube
A nicely put together video comparing the C300 to the Canon 7D (remember that camera?) an interesting choice; though as they point out, these two cameras have the same sensor size:
In this video we look at the new Canon C300, and how it tackles some of the major issues with Canon DSLR cameras in a real shoot situation. We chose to test it against the 7d as they both share a similar sensor size. Please be aware some shots may be affected by compression for the internet.

Shooting Act of Valor Q & A | Shane Hurlbut | Blog
Shane answers some questions from Twitter and Facebook about the making of this movie:
Q: How much of the film was shot on the Canon 5D Mark II?
A: 70% 5D, 20% film, and 5% F950 for aerials.

Q: How much of the film was lit with natural lighting?
A: 60% natural light.

Final Cut Pro X: Do the features tell us anything about the target market?
| Philip Hodgetts | Blog
Philip argues that Apple's recent updates to FCPX suggest Apple is interested in the professional market:
That’s only five features from FCP X, but those five alone clearly define FCP X’s target (and suitability) as being for those who edit professionally, and at a high level of production complexity and quality. Why would Apple have invested in these features if FCP X was only for “YouTube videos” and “prosumers” (whatever that term may mean)?

FCP X: Create a Backtime Edit | Larry Jordan | Blog
Another tip on editing in Final Cut Pro X:
Sometimes, you need to edit a clip into the Timeline based upon the Out, not the In — think sports highlights – where you care more about the moment when the runner crosses the goal than where the run started. This type of edit is called a “back-time edit;” because it edits from the “back” of a clip.

Second City Communications [PDF] | Adobe
A background paper from Adobe explaining how Second City Communications went from Final Cut Pro to Adobe Creative Suite Pro:
For example, a long-term client requested a refresh of a project edited in Final Cut Pro 7. The team decided to import the Final Cut Pro 7 project into Adobe Premiere Pro and found that everything transitioned exactly how it was cut. They were able to easily add in the new footage and save the project in the updated format.

Cinematography Is A Frame Of Mind. Not A Specific Camera | Jared Abrams
| Wide Open Camera
This is not a new argument, but Jared keeps fighting the good fixation-with-gear fight:
Canon has a great marketing team. They did a fantastic job selling the new 5D3. I want one! However I do not think in any way that the new 5D3, C300, C EOS, Scarlet or Arri Alexa will make me a better cinematographer. Cinematography is a frame of mind, not a stupid camera. That is why it is considered to be a craft and not art.

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