Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4 Video Footage Comparison | AWMTstudios | YouTube
Another comparison of the video quality of the iPhone 4S and it's predecessor:
Various shots from both iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s filmed holding at same time with shake to test stabilisation. iPhone 4S shows dramatical increase in latitude and the stabilization is amazing too. Same field of view. Shows flickering in Europe, but overall is a major improvement.

Creating Subclips in Final Cut Pro X | Larry Jordan | YouTube
Yes, you can still create Subclips in Final Cut Pro X, but they aren't called Subclips any more; you create "Favorites" instead. In this short video tutorial, Larry Jordan shows you how to create Favorites, and attach keywords.

There's one important limitation: you can't have overlapping Favorites.

Here Are Ten Tips To Create A Viral Video | James DeJulio | Business Insider
Want to create a viral video hit? Maybe this article will help you:
3) Create videos that automatically seed themselves within communities and fan bases. Hives of enthusiasts for everything from RoboCop to Glass Blowing are everywhere and rabidly engaged--if you give them some content that plays to their fanaticism, either negatively or positively, chances are that they'll be seeding the content and posting it everywhere for you.

Digital Video | October 2010
You can view the electronic edition of Digital Video magazine at this link.

YouTube Now Allows Music Partners To Sell Merchandise, Digital Downloads And Event Tickets | Leena Rao | Tech Crunch
YouTube is expanding to take advantage of their 800 million visitors a month :
Through a feature called the Merch Store, YouTube partners will be able to sell artist merchandise, digital downloads, concert tickets and other experiences to fans and visitors. YouTube has partnered with a number of companies to launch these stores. Topspin is helping power merchandise sales, concert tickets and experiences; SongKick will help sell tickets for concerts; and iTunes and Amazon will power transactions for music downloads.

Adobe demos amazing deblurring tech (new video) | John Nack | Blog
Remember that amazing deblurring a still picture demo from last week? Well there's a better video of it here, along with an actual image showing the before and after. I'm not sure that the image is the original size of the image that was processed; I'm assuming that it isn't, as it's a little difficult to see how they could have reconstructed the detail in that image based on the blurred original.

Sony SCL-Z18x140 FZ Mount 14x Power Zoom Lens | H. Paul Moon | Vimeo Forums
Specs for this lens that Sony previously announced, and should be available in November. Notably, this lens uses the F3 lens mount (FZ mount) that's native to the PMW-F3 (the PMW-F3 also works with PL mount lenses, but requires an adapter that Sony includes with the camera.) One nice feature of this lens is that it is compatible with the integral zoom rocker of the PMW-F3 for electronic control of its zoom position. MSRP $12,200.00
See also: AbelCine: SCL-Z18X140 Sony FZ Mount 14X Power Zoom Lens [Product Page]

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