Wednesday, October 19, 2011

LockPort7 for the Canon 7D

LockPort has announced the LockPort7, a smart mini to full-size HDMI adapter that clamps to the side of the Canon 7D and protects the camera's HDMI port. The company already sells a LockPort5 for the Canon 5D.

In addition to providing a full-size HDMI connection, the company says that the device protects the expensive to repair mini-HDMI plug on the camera. The LockPort7 adapter is designed to attach easily to the RedRock Micro DSLR Baseplate [$229.50]. The adapter has gold plated contacts and the HDMI 90° output is available as either FRONT or REAR orientation (2 different adapters.)

Delivery is expected in mid November, and the list price is $99.

The company says that they are also developing a LockPort UNIVERSAL (for 5D and 7D).

Lockport7 attached to Redrock Micro DSLR Baseplate

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