Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Thoughts On The Canon 1D X

Here's some more thoughts on the Canon 1D X from around the web. Most of these center on it's video capabilities. Understand that even though several of these articles are sort of negative, I wouldn't knock the 1D X as a professional still camera: it's just not a good investment if you're buying it as a video camera, particularly given that Canon is expected to announce a large-sensor video camera (or cameras) in a couple of weeks:

Canon 1D X: What the compression? | Chris Marino | Wide Open Camera
A discussion of the new compression options in the 1D X, as well as speculation whether the expected forthcoming large-sensor video camera will use the same compression, or will have the 50Mbps 4:2:2 MPEG-2 compression found in Canon's current professional video cameras?

If I had to bet money, I'd say the upcoming video camera will have MPEG-2 compression as I suspect this camera is being developed by the video camera division rather than the DSLR division.
Also included is a new intra frame compression mode. Instead of compressing groups of pictures it compresses each individual frame captured maintaining frame to frame picture information. Each frame now is compressed. The downside is a larger file size but a better looking, lesser compressed image. With the addition of the new DIGIC V processors and the 1D X’s new CMOS sensor this should make for a better EOS movie file than we’ve been used to seeing.

Why Not To Get The Canon 1DX For Video | Jared Abrams | Wide Open Camera
Jared offers 6 reasons why you shouldn't get the 1DX, including the expensive battery system and the lack of 60p, but #6 is the real reason:
6. Cheaper models with similar features to follow.

Canon EOS-1D X Has Multiple Trigger Options For Video | Dan Chung
| DSLR News Shooter
Dan has confirmed that the the 1D X offers more options for remote triggering of video recording:
With the EOS-1D X you can now customize the camera to start and stop video from the remote release socket using a regular Canon remote. You can also assign the video trigger to main shutter button or use an infrared remote.

Evolution | Sam Morgan Moore | DSLR 4 Real
Sam thinks the camera is evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, and what it really needs is better sound:
Now what does the "Olympian" still mo shooter want.. they want sound

And until that is delivered by a DSLR in some serious manner – im talking connectivity – robust connections I will be happy with a Nikon D3 for stills, an FS100 for A cam video and a Canon 5dmk2 for Bcam video
He should probably wait for the Nov 3rd announcement...

Canon EOS-1D X Preview | Shawn Barnett and Mike Tomkins | Imaging Resource
A good overview of all the cameras new features:
Another new feature is the ability to automatically span videos that exceed the maximum 4GB clip length across multiple files. Canon notes that no frames are lost in this process, and so the files can be joined back together seamlessly in post processing. The maximum capture length is still limited to 29 minutes and 59 seconds, however.

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