Friday, October 07, 2011

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DataVideo's iPhone & iPad Teleprompters | Taz Goldstein | Hand Held Hollywood
Taz is impressed by the budget priced Datavideo teleprompters that work with the iPad and iPhone (he seemed to particularly like the iPhone model.)
B & H: TP-200 Teleprompter for Apple iPad [$575]
B & H: Datavideo TP-100 Smart Phone Teleprompter [$479]

A short Q and A with Automatic Duck about their Adobe move | Scott Simmons | The Editblog
Scott interviews Wes Plate of Automatic Duck about what the new relationship with Adobe means. Reading between the lines - and given Wes is now a full-time employee of Adobe - it seems that although the Automatic Duck website will continue to sell existing product, it doesn't sound like there will be much else.

Everyone Will Be a TV Station Soon
| Quentin Hardy | NY Times Blog
Notes from a speech by John Chambers, Cisco’s chief executive about the future of video:
As cameras in smartphones like the new Apple iPhone 4S get better, and memory gets cheaper, there will be more video on the fly. Within the corporate world, Cisco and competitors like Polycom and Microsoft are benefiting from the growth of so-called telepresence meetings over the Web where people meet virtually through individual cameras on their desks. The “hangout” feature on Google’s Google+ social networking software is the latest version of this, and Google is working on ways to tie those video sessions to its calendar, spreadsheet and document sharing office productivity products.

Media in conflict: Social Media and broadcast distribution rights | Geert Faber | The End of Television
Interesting post about how television shows are increasingly using social media to build and engage their audience, but how that causes conflicts when shows are broadcast to specific geographical regions:
However, this international attention is not part of the social media strategy and online distribution rights. When you live outside the US and you are excited by the Facebook post below which invites you to ‘revisit another amazing Voice performance…Javier Colon and Adam Levine team up to perform Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror!” You end up on the NBC website of The Voice telling you that the clip you selected isn’t available from your location and asks users to ‘select another clip’.

Dispatch from Hollywood: Web Video Producers Keeping their Cred and Building Businesses with Advertisers | Beet.TV
Where are we with online video? A question asked in this video of a 35-minute session with web creators Yuri Baranovsky, Actor, Writer, Producer; Brandon Laatsch, Cinematographer, Taryn O’Neill, Actor, Writer, Producer and Freddie "W" Wong, Actor, Producer.

Is Sony’s 4K Digital Cinema Sensor Better Than Film? | SonyAlphaRumors
A look at the capabilities of the Sony F65, which has a 14 stop dynamic range.

Adobe’s Al Mooney Hurlblog Interview Part II | Hurlblog
Part II of an interview with Premiere Pro Product manager, Al Mooney, that details the process of creating a piece of Adobe software. Mooney also discusses his inspiration and source of passion for this line of work.

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