Tuesday, October 04, 2011

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Sony NEX-5N Review | Kelcey Smith | DPReview
A favorable review of the NEX-5N:
In addition, the support for the newly announced LA-EA2 SLT alpha mount adapter makes it possible to expand your range of lenses beyond the somewhat limited E-mount offerings at the moment, while gaining the added benefit of quicker phase detect AF. The adapter coupled with the NEX-5N's full manual video exposure control makes this camera very attractive for videography.

Sony NEX 5N - what's new? (Filmed with A77) | DigitalRevTV | YouTube
It must be review time for the NEX-5N; here's Kai from DigitalRev with a review on YouTube.

More Rumors About Canon Super 35 Video Camera | Jared Abrams
| Wide Open Camera
Another rumor about the upcoming Canon video camera expected to be announced on November 4th. Seems Canon is also going to make some PL mount lenses for it (though personally, I have to admit a bit of surprise at that news).

Tiffen Indie ND Kit: First Impressions | Brandon Vincent | Blog
One of the biggest complaints about the Sony NEX-FS100 is the lack of internal ND filters, requiring that you use some sort of external filter to be able to shoot wide open in bright light. Brandon tried out the 77mm Tiffen ND Kit [$258.50], and despite a few complaints, likes it:
I was able to shoot almost wide open in both situations, one at mid-day around 12:30pm, and one just before sunset around 5:00pm. Achieving f/2.8 was easy – I would start with the highest ND I had (1.2) and add on from there to get where I needed to be. If I needed something less than 1.2, I could just use a single .9 or .6 but it was too bright for that.

Is Kickstarter the best solution for independent creators? | Liz Shannon Miller
| Gigaom
An overview of Kickstarter, how it works, and the areas in which people are having success. Interestingly the Film and Video category is the most successful of Kickstarter’s categories:
Yaffe warns, though, that Kickstarter isn’t necessarily the savior of the independent creator. “It’ll always be there as a solid tool to getting your full budget, but it’s not something you can rely on entirely.” he said. “More people are considering [Kickstarter] as an option, which is good, but the impact is a little less. We raised more money for Girl Crazy than Remember When, but it took more effort,” Yaffe said.

Zeiss 85mm Plays Nice With Sony FS100 | Matthew Duclos | Circle of Confusion
Blog post describes the conversion of a Zeiss ZF .2 series 85mm Nikon mount lens for motion picture use:
I performed the standard three part Cine-Mod which includes an 80mm front ring (77mm filter thread), 32-pich (0.8 module) seamless focus gear, and of course the de-clicked, dampened aperture ring. In addition to the standard Cine-Mod, I also added one of our semi-permanent Canon Eos mounts.

Handycam HDR-CX160 | Jeremy Stamas | CamcorderInfo
Seems that the Sony HDR-CX160 [$499] has a bunch of new features compared to the HDR-CX150, but doesn't really improve upon the performance of it's predecessor.
While we do like the improvements Sony made to the CX160, the camcorder is not the best model in its class. The Canon HF R21 held a slight edge in terms of performance, although there were areas where the CX160 was the better model (battery life and image stabilization, for example).

Dude, Where’s My Audience? Audience-Building Tips for Filmmakers | Nic Baisley | MasteringFilm
Acknowledging the importance of Social Media, Nic still thinks you have to get out there and work for an audience:
The onus once again falls on filmmakers to make the most of their public appearances. They need to put out postcards, have their posters prominently displayed in key areas, dance around in front of the theater in a costume promoting your screening if they have to, and build local relationships in the regions their films are screening. This might extend your stay in a particular town by a day or three while you prepare for your film to screen, but the results can far exceed the cost.

Only in Japan: Toshiba's Regza DBR-M190 serves 5TB of home media | Jesse Hicks | Engadget
A 5TB home media server for $2,600; in Japan. Not sure what the advantage would be over a couple of 3TB USB drives and a Mac Mini for ~$1,000.

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