Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quick Thoughts on Sony's Announcements

Some quick initial thoughts on the new toys that Sony announced.

A77 & A65
These may be very nice "DSLRs", but as the owner of a Canon 7D, and several Canon lenses, I'm not keen to jump ship to another platform. At least not yet. And to be honest, I'm not a fan of shooting video with a DSLR camera body anyway; I just don't like the ergonomics.
Since it's not a true DSLR, and the viewfinder is actually an EVF it should be useable while shooting video, which might be a plus. On the other hand, when taking stills, I really like having an optical viewfinder, so I'm not sure whether I'll like this camera at all...

Holy Cow! Over $1,000 for this puppy?! That's a DSLR in sheep's, well no-clothing prices. I'm a bit surprised that it's basically twice the price of the NEX-5n! I'd get the 5n.

The really interesting thing about the NEX-5n is that it appears to have the same sensor as the NEX-VG20. Does it? And if so, does it's video closely match that produced by the NEX-VG20? Would it make a nice B camera? We'll have to wait for the reviews.
I'd buy the NEX-c3, but it only supports 720p video.
If you have an NEX-VG10/20 or NEX-FS100, this might make sense as a B or C camera; after all, it shares the same mount.

Interesting camera. Obviously not the same sensor and controls as the NEX-FS100, but I actually find myself more drawn to this camera than I was to the previous model, the NEX-VG10. That's partly because of the new manual controls and 60p/24p support, and partly because some of the drawbacks I perceived in the previous camera (the lack of ND filters, the rather average kit lens) were duplicated in the NEX-FS100. The NEX-VG20 doesn't look quite so bad now (and if you really don't like the kit lens, you can now buy the camera without it!)

The lenses
Only a couple of these are really of interest to me:
Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* E 24mm F1.8 ZA Lens for Sony NEX
This should be nice, but it's $999. At that price, I'd probably buy a "real" Zeiss lens with a Nikon mount and use an adapter!
50mm F1.8 OSS
Optical Image Stabilization, and "only" $300. Could be nice, though I'd want to wait for some reviews; the 16mm pancake E-mount lens was not that great.
LA-EA2 A-mount adapter
Interesting; I'd like to try this out. I wonder how much light is lost when you use this?

For much more information about the new products:
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