Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Final Cut Pro X Information & Resources 20


Using the Video-in-Text Title for Final Cut Pro X | Steve Martin & Mark Spencer | Ripple Training
Nice little tutorial on how to accomplish this effect.

Canon XF workflow with FCPX | Daniel Houghton | Houghton Multimedia
Final Cut Pro X doesn't recognize files from the Canon XF100, so here's a workaround using Adobe Media Encoder (which suggests that you have to own Premiere Pro already!)


Final Cut Pro X Grade Presets | Color Grading Central
Final Cut Pro X's Color Board makes it possible to save presets. You can get 3 presets for free from Color Grading Central, (the complete set of 20 is $49.)
You can also see a demo/tutorial for the presets at Vimeo: FCP X Luster Grade Presets QuickStart Guide and Overview

Rays | DigitalFilmTools
Add light ray effects to your shots in post with this filter that works with Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro (including FCPX), Apple Motion 5 and Avid Editing Systems. $99

Free FCPX Plugins and Templates | FCP.Co
Don't forget that maintains a directory of free FCPX plug-ins and templates.

Final Cut Pro X Roadshow Sponsored by ScreenLight | Screenlight
ScreenLight is part of a free Final Cut Pro X roadshop taking place in Toronto, September 8th and Vancouver September 13th.

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