Thursday, August 25, 2011

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The great 'Get' mystery has been solved, it's now called Boris Soundbite |
AV3's phonetic search engine for Final Cut Pro, "Get" was recently discontinued, reportedly after Nexidia, the company that owns the technology, ended the relationship with AV3. Now the software has turned up as Boris Soundbite.
Note that there's no mention of "Get" on Boris' website, and as writes:
We are pleased to see it back, it would have been a shame for this product to have slipped away and not returned. We cannot comment on the rumour that next year it will be called 'Grab" from Red Giant.
Soundbite currently runs under Final Cut Pro 7 or 6.0.2, but the prodcut page says that a FCP X version will be available soon as a free upgrade.
You can buy it now for $295 (discounted from $495), though whether Nexidia will end the agreement with Boris after a year, who knows.
BorisFX: Soundbite

DualEyes 2.0 now available | Singular Software
Signular has updated their standalone sound synch product DualEyes. This version is much faster thanks to multiprocessing and algorithm improvements and is a free update for existing customers of DualEyes.
There's a 30-day trial version available.

What's it like to have your film flop at the box office? | Sean Hood | Quora
This is fascinating. Sean was one of several writers who worked on Conan the Barbarian 3D and he's written a lengthy post on what it was like to go through the opening weekend. He describes it as similar to working on a political campaign:
A few months before release, "tracking numbers" play the role in movies that polls play in politics. It's easy to get caught up in this excitement, like a college volunteer handing out fliers for Howard Dean. (Months before Conan was released many close to the production believed it would open like last year's The Expendables.) As the release date approaches and the the tracking numbers start to fall, you start adjusting expectations, but always with a kind of desperate optimism. "I don't believe the polls," say the smiling candidates.

5D Mark III & The Rest [CR2]
| CanonRumors
The 5D Mark III in October? CanonRumors is starting to think so, but who knows? I've heard a couple of people talk about something from Canon coming in the next couple of months, but whether it's a DSLR or a large-chip camcorder, or some hybrid, it's hard to know.

BIRTV 2011 – E-Image launch follow focus and carbon fibre tripod range
| Dan Chung and Sarah Li | DSLR News Shooter
A look at E-Image's new follow focus, carbon fibre tripod and a basic shoulder support with battery plate. E-Image is described as: "one of the biggest tripod manufacturers in China...Their quality is good compared to other Chinese tripod makers"

3D tech titans tie the knot | Variety
A merger in the 3D technology world:
Tech provider 3ality Digital has acquired all of manufacturer Element Technica for "several million dollars in cash, plus equity," said Steve Schklair, formerly CEO of 3ality Digital and now CEO of the combined company, which takes on the moniker 3eality Technica.
3D’s 3ality Buys Main Competitor | HD Magazine

CineSkates Camera Sliders | KickStarter
Justin Jensen put together a very nice design for skates to turn a GorillaPod Focus and Ballhead into a small dolly. You can buy one through his Kickstarter campaign (without the tripod) for $150.
This campaign has gotten a lot of attention the last couple of days; today it's on Engadget!: CineSkates smooth your camera's roll (video)

Vimeo on AppleTV | Vimeo
Viemo highlights that fact that the Apple TV 2 now supports Vimeo.

FS100 5DMkII AF100 - Crop Factor - Magnanimous Media | Vimeo
In this video we show you the crop factor between the Canon 5DMkII, Sony NEX-FS100, and the Panasonic AG-AF100. The test was done with the Canon 24-70mm L-Series lens at 24mm.

Nikon: we don't need mirrorless cameras | Amy Davies | TechRadar
Nikon continues to go their own way, ignoring trends - video, mirrorless cameras - that other companies are embracing:
Although the press and rumour sites undeniably like to speculate about the possibility of a Nikon mirrorless, according to Loader, customers aren't really asking for it. "When we were at Focus [an imaging trade show held annually at the NEC] last year, it didn't get asked for. It's really only the press that constantly want to know," he said.

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