Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Daily Sony NEX-FS100 Update

Update on First Impressions
When Paul Antico tweeted that he'd posted his "first thoughts" about the NEX-FS100, I teased him about when he'd be posting his second thoughts.

Well, it didn't take long, as he's gone back and updated his opinion about the construction:
I started to try to rig it. And after some time I have to admit it still feels like a lightweight plastic shell as compared to most devices of this price range and even the Canon HDSLRs. While test rigging it tonight I thought I was going to literally crack it in half as the lens got caught on my follow focus as the rig collapsed a bit while adjusting. If you knock on the side panels with your knuckle it sounds hollow.
and added that the buttons don't give much feedback:
...I do think they are a tad too recessed into the body, and don't have as satisfying of a tactile "click" as I am used to, especially on pro cameras.
He still likes the images it produces.

Read the whole article:
NeedCreative: Sony FS100 First Very Brief Look

Not All That Great
Andrew Reid at EOSHD, the website for Panasonic users [remove your tongue from your cheek - Ed] wants you to think that the NEX-FS100 (and PMW-F3) aren't really worth the money they cost, since all they do is add:
  • A slightly better image that the end user doesn’t notice
  • Buttons
Here's his point:
So let’s get practical and let’s get real – what does the £5000 spent on a Sony FS100 get you over a £800 Panasonic GH2? More resolution? No – both do a pretty good job on that front. A better codec? Sure, but hardly anybody will be watching it in it’s original high bitrate form, especially not over the internet or on TV. Better ergonomics? A place to balance your tea cup, maybe – I don’t know about you but I can shoot good looking video without desperately scrambling for traditional EX3 style video controls, and I am sure it was the last thing on Danfung Dennis’s mind when he shot with the 5D Mk II in Afghanistan, which oddly enough looks cinematic enough to be nominated for Cannes.
He's sure he will get a lot of criticism:
Now I am sure I will get a lot of criticism
And he probably will, but in a way he's right. If you're only showing stuff on YouTube, then the quality improvement is marginal at best. You're paying a lot for a - comparatively - small increase in image quality, and for a lot of convenience; audio monitoring? peaking? etc., etc. Do you need it? No! But the same might be said when comparing a Handicam and the Sony EX3.
EOSHD: The Sony FS100 – Why professionals are all mad

16x9 Inc PL-Mount for the NEX-FS100
This is from NAB, but may now be of interest to those just getting their new NEX-FS100's; a short clip from Cinema5D about the PL mount and lens support from 16x9Inc. It'll set you back $870, but it's made from quality materials - and includes a lens support (without the lens support, it's $595.
Cinema5D: NAB 2011 – Very high quality PL-mount for FS100 by 16×9 Inc.
16x9: Lens mounts

Sampel Footage
W. Ashley Maddox posted some footage shot with three lenses:
  • Tokina 11-16mm
  • Canon 70-200 2.8
  • Sigma 30mm 1.4
Vimeo: Test Footage from the FS100

Matthew Thomas posted a clip with video shot in the 120fps mode. Clips are limited to 3 second, and resolution has "no more detail than 960 x 540 or less.":
It records into 1080i at 29.97fps, but the footage resolution is not close to this. Regardless of the lower quality, there are times when this feature makes sense and at Standard Definition, it is hard to notice the quality drop.
Vimeo: Sony FS100 120fps over 30 Sample

Sony has launched a new Super 35mm web site, with the F65, HDCAM SR, PMW-F3 and NEX-FS100.
Sony: HighEnd

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