Monday, June 06, 2011

Daily Sony NEX-FS100 Update

John Godwin posted a test shot with the NEX-FS100 using the Canon 7D kit lens (18-135 3.5 EOS) and Tokina EOS lens (11-16 f/2.8) set to wide open, and a Genus variable ND for exposure control: Vimeo: FS-100 tests

And Jeff Scholl has posted a video shot with the NEX-FS100 with a 16mm prime on a Hexakopter. Geesh! I don't know I'd risk my camera on that! Vimeo: Sony NEX FS100 flight on a Hexakopter

Jose Luis Hugo posts a video with a Custom Profile he made in an attempt to emulate the flat image profiles people like to use:
I basically changed the PP6 since I thought it was the darkest out of the cine gamma profiles. I then compared it to PP5. I did color correction on both profiles and compared them side to side. FCP was used to edit and Color for color correcting.

Profile Settings (PP6)
Black Level: +15
Gamma: ITU709
Black Gamma: Middle/ +7
Color Mode: Cinematone 1/ 8
Color Level: -2

I did notice some noise on the dark parts of the image but I guess I underexposed it. I am still trying to get to know the camera.
Vimeo: Sony NEX FS100 Custom Profile

It's here! It's here! Zachary Mami posts the "First Official Unboxing of the NEX-FS100u" Not sure it really tells you anything, but it can be fun to live vicariously though others!

NEX-FS100 First Official Unboxing from Zachary Mami on Vimeo.

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