Friday, May 20, 2011

Roger Deakins Still Shocks People with End-of-Film Talk

Never mind tomorrow's Rapture, it seems that some industry people are still shocked to learn that film's day is done. UK Cinematographer Ed Moore attended a talk last night given by Cinematographer Roger Deakins, and tweeted:
Roger Deakins produced an audible gasp from the crowd by very plainly stating he doesn't see why he'd ever shoot film again
Odd that the crowd was so shocked, given that for the last three or four months, all that Roger has been talking about is the end of film: gives me more than I can get with film. It's not because I can do it digitally, and it's not because it's easier, it's because it gives me more options.
- Roger Deakins Jan 2011
I don’t personally think film emulsion is going to be used for very much longer at all. I know people have been saying that since — well, since I started in the business — but I really think this year and next year will be it, really.
- Roger Deakins Feb 2011
I'm probably going to use Alexa on my next shoot — it seems very likely.
- Roger Deakins Apr 2011

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