Friday, May 20, 2011

Pub Night @ Rule Camera with the Sony PMW-F3

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Last night was, as John Rule introduced it, the first annual Rule Boston Camera Pub Night, though he then corrected himself and said he was hoping it would be a monthly event. Free pizza, free beer and a talk about camera gear? Where do I sign up?! For this first Pub Night was well worth attending, not just because of the free beer and pizza.

The main presentation was given by Sony PMW-F3 specialist, Joe Schimizzi, and Joe really seemed to know his stuff about the camera. He was able to answer questions on just about everything, from recording options, upcoming lenses and firmware updates, to why the Sony PL lenses don't seem to fit on other PL mount cameras (they were supposed to, but Sony is aware that there's a problem with some mounts.)

Joe Schimizzi

They had two PMW-F3's on display, one with the kit PL lenses, and one with an Angenieux Optimo lens.

Sony PMW-F3 with Angenieux Optimo lens

Joe showed some early videos that were shot using prototype cameras and he talked about how they were shot; what recording options, etc. I'd seen most of these videos before, but it was interesting to hear more details about how they were shot.

There was a lot of stuff covered, and I'm going to write up some more notes about the different topics over the weekend.

Rule has been involved with other evening meetings hosted by groups like the Boston Final Cut Pro Users Group, and also offers the LearningLab series, which are occur most Wednesday mornings, but this was there first Pub Night, and it was a little more relaxed, and with free beer. Also, being in the evening, it was easier for me to make it.

I hope they do some more.

Free beer. Did I mention the free beer?

If you've never been, Rule does some great events, and they don't always seem to put them up on their events page, so if you're in the Boston area, drop them a note and ask to be put on their email list. That way you'll know when they hold the next Pub Night.

Rule: Events Page

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