Thursday, May 19, 2011

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Atomos News & Updates
Atomos, makers of the Atomos Ninja and Samurai,have a news section that features a report from NAB, as well as articles on:
  • STRIPPER 1.0, their reverse telecine application that recovers progressive video from material that has been output as an interlaced signal. Most if not all major makers of video cameras apply this technique to 24p, 25p and 30p footage that is output through HDMI.
  • Support for HDMI: It’s worth repeating this.You will probably find that the framerate you have your camera set to record to is not the same as the video signal coming out of the HDMI connection.
  • Camera Compatibility
  • Does the Ninja work with DSLR cameras?
Atomos: News+Updates

Atomos Ninja Review
If you're thinking of getting a Ninja, Gorilla Pictures has a - short - review "in-progress":
I really wanted to put it in a real world test so I took it on a job with me to Hong Kong for a solid week of shooting.  Initial feedback is it’s a brilliant tool that really speeds up your workflow.
GorrillaPictures: Atomos Ninja Review

Internet Kills TV
The BBC asks if the internet is killing television; of course it is! But this article has quotes from three experts:
"I think the over the top experience has been very beneficial to the market, because it has stimulated traditional pay TV operators into waking up, and realising consumers want a more on demand experience, that meets the criteria of what we call media 3.0, this anytime, anywhere content experience."
BBC: Is the internet going to be the death of television?

New iMac harddrive replacement
MacWorld covers the issues with upgrading the internal hard drive of the new iMacs. They also note some possible solutions and work-arounds.
MacWorld: Difficulties abound when upgrading a 2011 iMac's hard drive

High Frame Rates
Very Cool Fireworks at high frame rates (captured with the Phantom Flex, of course): Vimeo: "The Phantom Flex Menace"

Another Phantom Flex production, featuring a flying breakfast. This includes a short "making of" video: Bruton|Stroube: Breakfast Interrupted

Patrick Eggert has posted a nice series of shots made with the Sony PMW-F3 and a Kessler crane. He offers the following advice: So bottom line get a F3 and a kesslercrane and you're set! Vimeo: Sony F3 Test Shoot w/ Kesslercrane

A battle scene shot as though cameras were weapons: YouTube: Battle At F-Stop Ridge

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