Friday, January 29, 2010

More on why Flash is bad for video playback

Cringely has a column on the iPad, and he has some information from an "informed friend" about Flash performance:
I did a quickie test with the new YouTube HTML5 beta. On a site that embedded a video (so Flash was used), my browser CPU utilization was 22%, and the Adobe Flash plug-in CPU utilization was 55%. [...]

After the video played, I watched the same video again directly on the YouTube site in HTML5. Adobe Flash plug-in CPU utilization was 4% (what it consumes just sitting on its hiney), and the browser CPU utilization was 17%.

77% vs 21%. that’s why Apple hates Adobe.
That's basically what Craig Seeman of Third Planet Video said at a recent BOSFCPUG meeting.

And to be sure, I don't hate Flash either, and I hope they do put it on the iPad so we can use it for interactive games etc., but unless Adobe can fix the performance issues, I really think Flash is the wrong thing for video playback.

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