Sunday, January 24, 2010

DSLRs and Sound Syncing

Philip Bloom has an article up entitled: Filming interview with DLSRs & recording sound separately and how to sync the bloody lot up! Also the advantage of IS lenses for them.

Catchy title.

But there's lots of interesting stuff:
  • He talks about Plural Eyes, the sound sync software that works in Final Cut Pro and will compare two clips and match them up (no need for a clapper board and manual syncing!)
  • He recommends that even if you're shooting on a tripod, an Image Stabilization lens is useful as it reduces wobble when unlocking the camera or focusing (he includes a sample clip!)
  • Pictures of his setup.
He also describes a problem he encountered with sound drift, and it's solution:
Problem is sound drifted after about 10 seconds and I couldn’t for the life of me work out why. Both 7D sound and sound on Zoom (24 bit WAV) were at 48kHZ so there was no reason for any drift to happen. The sequence settings were correct, they matched the video perfectly so WHY was it drifting?
[...]Solution came from Robin Charters, son of Rodney Charters who said as I had been in the US did I perhaps at some point have a 23.98p set up in my FCP…the answer was yes. He said that I needed to make sure my capture preset frame rate was also the same as the sequence settings as Final Cut Pro has a glitch that insists that the capture preset be set to same frame rate. So [if] my frame rate is 25p therefore my capture preset needs to be 25p too. So I selected ANY 25p setting, DV PAL worked!

Live podcast with Steve Weiss, Scott Bourne and Philip Bloom for LensFlare 35 on Tuesday about HD-DSLRs
This Tuesday (Jan 26th) at 2pm EST Philip Bloom, Dave Warner of, Scott Bourne and Steve Weiss will be on the LensFlareLive podcast.

They will be talking about "convergence, HD-DSLRs, fusion and Steve’s love of High School Musical and Hannah Montana TV shows!"


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