Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Upcoming Events and Other News

APRIL 24th BOSCPUG: Director Graham Elliott and Screening of “New York in Motion”
We are pleased to feature a special conversation with director Graham Elliott as he screens “New York in Motion,” his celebrated 60 minute documentary and dazzling portrait of the motion graphics industry in New York and breathtaking visual journey behind the scenes and screens of the industry that shapes how we see the world today.

April 26th CAMERA DYNAMICS Workshop & Seminar | Massachusetts Production Coalition
The panel will explore how camera movement can enhance a shot; furthering our understanding of character and plot development; building dramatic tension; transitioning between dissimilar emotions or geographies, and enabling our immersion into the scene before us. Technical and logistical aspects of camera motion will be discussed in addition to the artistic and aesthetic.
They also have another workshop in early May
May 10 | P.A. Workshop | Massachusetts Production Coalition

A free weekend of online cinematography lessons (it's free to watch over the weekend and you can buy the recordings for replay afterwards.)
May 6 & 7 | Big League Cinesummit - Online Cinematography Event
With each class, our renowned panel of accomplished cinematographers & film makers will personally SHOW YOU how to quickly transform your filmmaking – revealing hundreds of insights that took them years to gather. And the best thing – It’s FREE for 48 hours!

Premiere Pro World Conference | July 11 - 13 | San Jose
Learn Premiere Pro inside out from the engineers who built it and the minds who have mastered it. You’ll take training sessions led by industry experts and Premiere Pro gurus like Richard Harrington, Eran Stern, and others.

Other News

Magic Bullet Looks 2.5 | Red Giant
Hi folks – today we are releasing Magic Bullet Looks 2.5  – it features new tools and interface improvements, not to mention some serious speed boosts. Best of all, this is a FREE UPGRADE for Magic Bullet Looks 2.0 users.

Panasonic GH4 to ship in Europe from 5th May | EOSHD
First shipments leave the factory last week of April destined for Germany. Shipments to dealers start after the May 1st holidays so from the 5th the camera will be almost ready to ship to customers.

Thinking About Crew Prep | Pro Video Coalition
One of the biggest mistakes I see first-time filmmakers commit is to think solely in terms of production time when it comes to crewing up.  The crew shows up on the first day, leaves on the last day, and anything that happens in between, before, or after is just donated or doesn’t count.

Aereo at the Supreme Court: a guide to the biggest TV case in 30 years (and where to learn more) | GigaOM
On Tuesday at 11am ET, Aereo will face off at the Supreme Court against big broadcasters and the Justice Department over whether Aereo, which lets consumers watch and record over-the-air TV for $8/month, should be shut down for copyright infringement.

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