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Panasonic GH4 4K Production Diary – Day 2 – Test Footage | EOSHD
I have not seen any moire in the GH4′s 4K output yet. The only artefacts in the 4K image are related to aliasing from 4:2:0 colour sampling. Mr Uematsu told me that all internal processing and debayering is done in 10bit 4:2:2. However the internal 4K codec drops this to 8bit 4:2:0 to save space. You’re thankful for the light footprint of this codec though after using Blackmagic 4K ProRes or 5D Mark III raw files! Much more practical to store and archive.

Andrew Reid at EOSHD has also been tweeting as he goes:

And if you read French
Panasonic a eu la belle idée de m’inviter tester le GH4 en Hollande, l’autre pays du fromage, des tulipes, des moulins et des vélos … étant déjà parti avec un GH4 dans ma besace à l’autre bout du monde, j’ai demandé à l’ami Sylvain Berrard, jeune Machineur de talent et fondateur du Laboscope de me remplacer afin de pondre son premier article sur mon blog histoire de le tester un peu car il m’accompagne pour la couverture du NAB 2014.

Digital Bolex D16 Review – Part 1 | EOSHD
A few weeks ago I had an email from Theo (below left), a filmmaker and EOSHD reader. Theo also happens to be the only Digital Bolex owner in Europe (well…the only one in Berlin…probably!?). So we took the D16 for a spin and shot a fun test. Frank Sauer and I handled the camera-work and the lovely Christina Mj Zahra (fashion designer) was our subject for the day at an abandoned Berlin beer factory, full of drunk ghosts.

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K versus Panasonic GH4 | B&H Photovideo
Are you looking at specs only? Good luck with that. Although both cameras have a lot to offer, hitting a relatively low price point has affected the design choices of both models. Essentially, it all comes down to how you shoot, or, as the British say, “...horses for courses.” Are you looking for a still camera that also shoots 4K video? Or are you looking for a 4K camera that has a larger sensor than the Micro Four Thirds format, and is strictly for shooting 4K and HD video, not stills?

Introducing CinePlay, the professional Mac video player | Digital Rebellion
CinePlay is intended as a professional alternative to QuickTime Player X. It plays back modern video formats and offers masks, safe areas, timecode overlays, markers and more.

Red Giant BulletProof adds some significant, needed features | ProVideoCoalition
I took a look at the brand new BulletProof at NAB last year. Jeff Foster recently had a review as well. In my mind, there were a couple of missing features that kept BulletProof from being anything more than a DIT in that early release ... not that that's a bad thing as it is a great DIT tool but only had limited usefulness in a dedicated editor's toolkit. 

A Hands-on Experience with the ARRI AMIRA | ProVideoCoalition
What I want to focus on is where this camera is going and what productions should be or will be choosing it over some of the 4K competitors from the likes of RED or Sony. While Jim did hint at possible 4K cameras in the future, these would require a whole new sensor and we’d see that most likely in a newer ALEXA first then the lower-priced ENG AMIRA.

10 Things Every Film Festival Wants Filmmakers to Know | Indiewire
3. There is no conspiracy against you. As much as filmmakers like to believe, there is no payola, payoff, conspiracy or edict against your film by the festivals. If you didn't get it in, please don't assume this. There are a multitude of reasons it may not be chosen. Don't get paranoid about it.

Character Ark: the visual effects of Noah | FxGuide
The final animation relied on ILM’s system devised for Transformers, where, explains Snow, “you can take your base animation and override it so that you can specifically move pieces. That was how they added little impacts when the rocks collided.” The Watchers’ rocky surface was developed from photographic reference of rocks in Iceland where production filmed a number of scenes, varying surfaces and shapes so as to differentiate between Watcher characters. The final creatures were rendered in RenderMan.

Canon EOS-1D C Camera (Body Only) for $2,000 off | B & H Photovideo
Is it because it's spring, the favorable reviews of Panasonic's GH4, or because NAB is coming? Whatever the reason, you can get $2,000 off on the Canon EOS-1D C right now.

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