Monday, March 31, 2014

New DJI Phantom Software

An interesting update to the DJI Phantom 2 software includes the following:

  • Main controller firmware now includes the Flight Limits functions, inclusive of maximum height radius limits, which is aimed to help users fly more safely. Max height is set at 400m and max radius is 1600m by default. The default parameters can be configured in the Assistant Software v2.00.
  • The max descent speed has changed to 3m/s.

Reader Paul Antico notes:
New DJI ground station firmware released for Phantom 2 won't even let you use it within 5 mi of a major airport...
They are also limiting down speed to 3m/sec. Mostly for safety but this also effectively limits how far up you can go.
Point is this is a peek at the future: regulated use of drones based on GPS and flight envelopes. Nothing to stop the future from being limited in height or based on gps coordinates.
The airport limitation may be limited to the iPad Groundstation software or it may apply to both (I haven't been able to confirm.)

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