Friday, April 18, 2014

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NAB 2014: 8K resolution coming in 2020 | Digital Arts
At the NAB 2014 show in Las Vegas, Japanese public broadcaster NHK showed off massive 8K video displays and a giant 8K video camera, which the company is researching as the next logical step in the quest to crank out as much resolution as the human eye can possibly detect.

Dirt Cheap GoPro Cages From $35cinescopophilia
Well if you invent it, it will get copied and churned out at a fraction of the cost. And so GoPro cages are turning up on Aliexpress dirt cheap.
A simple and quick search reveals multiple GoPro cages selling from $35 up to $70+ and most have free shipping on Aliexpress.

Nikon D800 hacked with 50Mbit/s high bitrate video option | EOSHD
I like the Sony A7R but the D800 has a few advantages. Biggest one is you can install an anti-moire filter in the D800 from Mosaic Engineering and there isn’t yet one for the Sony, doubtless if there ever will be room for one in that mirrorless mount. I also prefer the D800′s picture profiles and Quicktime MOV codec to AVCHD.

A promotional piece from Sony:
Around the world with the HXR-NX70 | Sony
I see myself as one of the world’s leading experts on this camera. Since I invested in the NX70 in early 2012, it’s followed me through 25 different countries and together sailed over 14,000 nautical miles. Everything from filming stock shots in the fjords outside my hometown Bergen to crossing big oceans. It’s filmed hundreds of hours of footage – from lions in Kenya to humpback whales in the Caribbean – and it’s become a trusted companion.
Sony has also released the second issue of CineAlta magazine. You can read it online here.

Vocas PMW-F5 and PMW-F55 Shoulder Rig. Really Nice Stuff | XDCAM User
Now, I’ve come across Vocas many, many times before, they are not new players in this arena and thier products have always looked to be well thought out and well made, but when I put the F55 rig on my shoulder and my hands wrapped around the beautifully carved wooden handles I just fell in love with it.

DXOMark Compares the Sigma 50 f/1.4 Art to Zeiss 55 f/1.4 Otus | CanonRumors
“At f2 the Sigma is almost on a par with the Zeiss, only it can’t quite match the Zeiss in the corners – though the difference in real world terms is trivial. The new Sigma can boast of slightly better control of vignetting and, arguably, chromatic aberration at maximum aperture, though there’s some fringing evident in the extreme corners. The Zeiss has remarkable transmission but, at close to $4,000, nothing short of exceptional performance is expected.”

Doug Jensen of Vortex media has worked with Litepanels to create a handy primer on using their 1×1 panels for simple interview lighting. None of this information will be new to TV folk as Litepanels 1x1s are commonly found at most TV stations, but if you are new to lighting then this tutorial should be useful whichever brand of LED light panel you choose to use.

How to make things more interesting with the addition of light.
Adding Magic To Flat Lightpixsylated
The downside to open shade is that the low contrast of the light (the difference between the brightest highlights and the darkest shadows) creates an image that lacks texture and depth. Fortunately, a single Speedlite can add a lot of magic to the shot.

When Filmmakers Dream: A Story of Attainable Success | Filmmaker Magazine
Did Blumenthal make a million dollars in the box office? No. Is it a critical darling? No. Am I famous? No. On the flip side, is the movie terrible? No. Did it bankrupt anyone? No. Did it see the light of day? YES. If someone told me that I would successfully raise $50,000 on Kickstarter, make a movie with my friends, premiere it in New York City, get it featured on iTunes and VOD, have it land me representation as a filmmaker, and land me my next jobs as a writer/director in TV and film… Well, let’s just say I would happily accept that middle ground.

How Do You Successfully Produce a Movie? | Slate
I am often asked to define the term producer. These days it can be anyone from a financier to the fiancé, but a real producer is the guy who employs everyone, including the director.

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