Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Panasonic GH4 vs Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Early Footage, Full Specs, & Why the AJA CION is the Most Exciting New Camera at NAB 2014 | No Film School
This week has been a crazy one for camera announcements. Not only did Blackmagic blow the lid off of NAB once again with the announcement of the URSA camera, but Digital Bolex brought their A-game to the world of black and white cinematography, and Apertus (despite the fact that they couldn’t make it to NAB) announced that the Axiom Beta is well on its way.

Letus AnamorphX-GP Drive
This is interesting because it's shot in 4K at 12fps...
Here's a quick sample of what the GoPro Hero3+ Black looks like at 4K 12fps with the Letus AnamorphX-GP anamorphic 1.33X adapter. I've sped up the footage 2x to achieve 24P, squeezed vertically to get back to 2.4:1 aspect, removed the fisheye, and did some basic grading using Film Convert.

The Panasonic PX270 Video Review explained | HD Warrior
I keep getting asked to explain my conclusions within the Panasonic PX270 Video Review and why I reject AVC I Frame over AVC Long GOP.
If you read the specs about I Frame over Long GOP you will convince yourself that I Frame is the clear winner but although I had downloaded Panasonic’s white paper about AVC ULTRA it was a bit heavy going, I am a practical person I prefer to go on what I see rather than make my mind up with what other people think in theory.

First Footage from AJA Cion 4K camera | Red Shark
Probably the most unexpected announcement at NAB 2014 was that of the AJA Cion. AJA are well known for their high end external recorders but have never released a camera before, until now. I think everyone was quite taken aback by the camera which seems to have had a fantastic amount of thought put into what would make it really usable, the main reservation people seemed to have related to what the footage from the camera might look like as this has been the big unknown.

Watch Documentary ‘Cinematographer Style,’ A Great Exploration of Film Technique | Slashfilm
Here’s a feature-length documentary on the art of cinematography — one of many such films, but this particular one does feature the participation of dozens of cinematographers. Actually, more than “dozens” — Jon Fauer‘s Cinematographer Style features interviews with over one hundred shooters. 

What Could NHK's 8K Format Mean for Narrative Storytelling? (Analysis) | The Hollywood Reporter
Japanese public broadcaster NHK offered a series of notable demonstrations at last week's NAB Show of its developing "Super Hi Vision" format and broadcast system, which supports 8K resolution—16 times more resolution that HD—as well as a high frame rate of 120 frames per second and 22.2 channels of audio. Many who have seen these images have been dazzled by the uniquely realistic look.

New “cheap” Sony 4K TV announced | SonyAlphaRumors
With the new Sony A7s release we now have to talk more about the 4K world :) Well today Sony announced their new 4K TV’s including the “cheapest” 4K Tv which will cost $2,099 only. All Sony 4K TV’s can be seen and ordered at that Sony 4K TV page

Legally Speaking, It Depends – Who Owns Script Notes? | ScriptMag
Let’s face it, writers need notes. Without them, fathoming what might not be working with a script or what the producer might be looking for is much harder. Whether to follow what they say or not is an alchemy that has been dabbled into many times on this site by many others. My goal in this column is to look at the legal aspects of those notes and their impact on the screenwriting and filmmaking processes.

Netflix Is Actually Getting Faster on Comcast | Slate
According to new data released by Netflix, customers with Comcast Internet have been seeing major speed improvements since the deal in February. Comcast moved up six places in Netflix's carrier speed rankings to No. 5. Other carriers in the top 10 lost a spot or stayed the same—Comcast was the only ISP that gained.

Debate: Are smartphones posing a threat to the DSLR market? | E & T
Do onboard cameras on smartphones represent a significant nail in the coffin of the conventional digital single-lens reflex camera market? If we want to use that descriptive, yes, it is a nail. The question then arises, though, of how many nails you need to seal the coffin.

‘Bears On Stairs’ Is a Ridiculously Smooth Stop Motion Animated Video | PetaPixel
Meant as an experiment to just keep with being creative and have some fun, this particular project combined 3D animation (commonly referred to as CAD), 3D printing and stop motion animation. What makes this stand out from many other similar projects is just how smooth the final product looks, despite each frame consisting of a completely separate 3D printed piece.

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