Saturday, February 01, 2014

Letus Anamorph-X GP - Quick FOV Comparison

Letus has posted a very short video that shows the FOV of their GoPro Anamorphic adapter vs the regular GoPro field of view:

This was shot on a GoPro Hero 3+ with and without the Letus Anamorph-X adapter. This is a quick sample straight off the camera showing what the adapter does to the FOV. Shot in 2.7k Protune mode. Trimmed and exported out of GoPro Studio. No other editing done and no stretch applied. The image can be flattened using the de-fish option in GoPro Studio and by tweaking it in post. We are also working with some plugin vendors to build a simple, one click converting option for various post workflows.
NOTE: you would of course want to apply a 1.33x stretch to the anamorphic footage to re-establish proper aspect in the image. This is most easily done using the "4x3 to wide" pre-set in GoPro Studio. That applies a 1.33x stretch but does it more intelligently than a standard stretch in post. My personal workflow is to shoot in 2.7k, apply the dynamic stretch in GoPro Studio, export out in CineForm at 2.7k, pull footage into a Premiere sequence set to the final output size I want. Tweak / trim as needed in Premiere for final output.
For more information, visit We will keep all of the latest details on this page and update as necessary.

Anamorph-X GP - Quick FOV Comparison from Letus Direct on Vimeo.

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