Monday, January 27, 2014

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CineAlta Magazine | Sony
Welcome to the premiere issue of CineAlta magazine, a periodical dedicated to telling the stories of those using Sony's large sensor digital motion picture cameras in production.

Rode VideoMic GO Review | Photography Bay
I have one complaint about the VideoMic GO. I wish it was built so that it did not extend behind the camera. If it remained only over the front of the camera (more like the VideoMic Pro), I would probably never take it off when I’m on an outing.

Reading a Light Meter: Tips and Tricks | Hurlblog
The Sekonic L-758C is the ultimate meter because it is two meters in one. You are able to read the incident light levels with the ball and the spot meter function gives you the ability to read points of light, the wall and buildings in the deep background to make sure there is enough fill level, grey cards, etc.

A Film Can be Good, Fast and Cheap But You Can Only Pick Two Out Of The Three | Lights Films School
The color palette evolved out of an intense collaboration with DP Chayse Irvin early in the production. I wrote a treatment and he responded to it with his own write up. Together we came up with a unique aesthetic language for the story; water drops on windows, wet surfaces, raining ash, specific times of day to shoot, camera movements, etc.

Here's What Sundance Cinematographers Think of Shooting Film Vs. Digital | IndieWire
"The shift from film to digital for me, just is. I've tried to never get too caught up in that battle, I just try to keep focus on what is best for the story I'm trying to tell. Whether it's film or digital, the aesthetics in storytelling is the same for me." -- Cinematographer Brett Pawlak ("Hellion")

World Press Photo offers free online multimedia course - What Gear Would You Recommend? | News Shooter
What would be on your list and why? what other gear do you consider essential? Please remember that this kit needs to be capable of creating great stills, video and audio. Please post your suggestions below or on my Twitter feed @djclark.

Creating Real Value - First notes on working with cinemaDNG | Nothing Underground
I would also mention here that if you’re going to make a feature film with cinemaDNG you really need to use proxies. I see lots of alternative workflows for cinemaDNG, but realistically, I can’t imagine editing Real Value if I had to load 6TB of data into Premiere Pro… it’s just not feasible to have that much data in a project file. Learn how to work with proxies.

How long do hard drives actually live for? | ExtremeTech
Now, before you all rush to the comments section to tell me how long your hard drives have lasted, I’m not talking anecdotally. I mean, in hard numbers, just how long does the average hard drive last? One year? Three? Five? Because the standard warranty is now only 12 months, do hard drives die sooner? If I slot a new hard drive in today, how long can I expect it to last?

China heavyweight - How a successful feature documentary was shot on Canon 5D MK II | News Shooter
Shot mostly on a Canon 5D mkII it is one of several documentaries now entering theatres that were shot during the early days of the DSLR revolution. I spoke to Director of photography Sun Shaoguang and producer Han Yi about the challenges.

Canon 24-70MM VS 50MM primes – Lens Wars 50MM Conclusion – Episode 8 | SLR Lounge
Welcome to Part 3 of the final part of the Canon 50mm focal range of the SLR Lounge Canon Lens Wars series. Since we had 7 Canon lenses in this grouping, we separated the shootout into three parts. In the first part, we compared the Canon 50mm primes, while in part 2 we compared the 4 different Canon zoom lenses that cover the 50mm focal length.

Why Didn’t Shane Carruth Change the Distribution Paradigm for this Year’s Sundance Filmmakers? | Filmmaker Magazine
During the festival I asked a number of filmmakers if they had considered emulating Carruth by using Sundance as the launch of their own DIY efforts. They all shook their heads, but their reasons were subtly different.

The Best Career Advice From Top Producers in Hollywood (Including Brad Pitt!) | Glamour
Jerry Weintraub (Producer, Behind the Candelabra): "I never hear the word no. I hear the word maybe. Maybe means yes. If I want to do something, I do it. I don't listen to anybody else. I'm not interested in anybody else's opinion. I just go do it if I believe in it. That's the most important thing. Believe in [what you're doing]."

Freebie: Eyedesyn Grammy model for Maxon Cinema 4D | Toolfarm
Eyedesyn posted a freebie model for Maxon Cinema 4d! You don’t even have to be a musician to get a free grammy these days!

What is metadata and how can it help us improve our post-production routine? Philip Hodgetts, President of Intelligent Assistance, gave a terrific panel discussion at our recent "4K & Final Cut Pro X" seminar, where he expanded on the ways that metadata can help us keep track of our media and avoid wasting time.

Exclusive: Watch Steve Jobs’ First Demonstration of the Mac for the Public, Unseen Since 1984 |
Amazing to see how far we have come...and how amazing the original Mac seemed at the time:
It’s January, 1984. Steve Jobs, nattily attired in a double-breasted suit, is demonstrating Apple’s breakthrough personal computer, Macintosh, before a packed room. He speaks alarmingly of a future controlled by IBM, and shows a dystopian commercial based on that theme.

AMAZON: Up to 50% Off Transcend Flash Memory Cards, External Hard Drives, and Solid-State Drives
Today only, enjoy special savings on the select microSD cards, SD flash memory, solid-state drives and external hard drives from Transcend. This one-day offer is valid on January 27, 2014, or while supplies last.

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