Thursday, January 09, 2014

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Kevin Pearce and Lucy Walker Talk The Crash Reel | Filmmaker Magazine
I went to a screening for this movie and found this documentary fascinating. As well as the Q & A afterwards:
Watching the movie, consisting of so much footage of events just prior to the accident, as well as footage of the accident, it was easy to assume that the filmmakers had already been following Pearce when the accident happened. But as Walker revealed in the Q & A, she didn’t even know Pearce at that point.

Affordable 4K cameras galore at CES! GREAT! Now can we also have some stunning HD shooting DSLR cameras too pretty please? | Philip Bloom
Philip wants better HD; maybe just subsample the 4K down to HD:
One of the things I am most curious about is what the actual HD image is like. After all with these 4K cameras popping up, and I am sure many more will follow, I ask the obvious question, “Shouldn’t you get your HD image right first?” The GH3 does have one of the better HD images out there, but it does have image issues.

Footage from the Sony 4K Handycam FDR-AX100

Red Giant and FCPX 10.1 (Part 2) | Red Giant
Good news! Magic Bullet Looks has been thoroughly tested by our QA team and is officially compatible with FCPX 10.1. To be clear, if you are on the latest version of Looks, no update is needed.

Get close up with the new HXR-NX3/VG1 | Sony
Den Lennie gives his impressions of the recently released Sony HXR-NX3 (it's on Sony's site)
I’ve used Sony cameras for over 20 years, and one area where they’ve always pushed the envelope is the sensor. I shoot most of the time with big-sensor camcorders. But I’m delighted with the Full HD pictures I’m getting from the 3x Exmor CMOS Sensor chip in the NX3 – the contrast, the saturation, the colours and the sheer resolution. Sony have really spent time getting great performance out of this sensor, and it shows… even in low light that’s a big challenge for any camera.

Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with 4K RAW on the FS700 | No Film School
So if you’re looking to get started with shooting 4K RAW on the FS700, the fine folks at Magnanimous Media have put together this excellent tutorial video that demystifies the entire process from camera setup and shooting all the way through to a few different post pipelines

Adding Handle to Sound Bites using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects | Pro Video Coalition
Chris’ preferred tool for this is Adobe After Effects. Yes, Adobe Premiere Pro also has time remapping and frame blending, but after much experimentation Chris found the Premiere solution simply wasn’t as good or easy to use as After Effects. But in the event you’re an editor more than a motion graphics artist, he also shows in the course how to start with an edited clip already in a Premiere sequence and Dynamic Link it into After Effects to take advantage of the superior tools there.

Tiffen 10-Stop Filter Called Tiffen ND 3.0 | Cinescopophilia
The Tiffen ND 3.0 is a Neutral Density filter providing 10-stop exposure absorption. The high density blocks light emission of the visual spectrum into the camera, allowing you to photograph with a much slower shutter speed or at a wider aperture than required.

It’s All About The Workflow! | Crews Control
From acquisition through post, these cameras have distinct advantages over rivals, including the RED, as well as Canon’s C300 and 5D. The F5 & F55 one up the competition when it comes to ergonomics and lower power consumption. Additionally, Sony’s high quality XAVC codec allows a more efficient postproduction workflow.

The pole for your camera is getting better and better with the Quik Pod DSLR/POV Ultra and Quik Pod Explorer 3. These are easy ways to get a self portrait and a better perspective of your action.

CES: Technicolor Taking on Dolby Vision With High Dynamic Range Imaging System | The Hollywood Reporter
Technicolor is presenting a high dynamic range (HDR) imaging technology demonstration with an eye toward improving the consumer viewing experience – effectively taking on Dolby’s newly announced Dolby Vision, which is another development aimed at offering higher dynamic range to create better pictures, whether for HD or 4K content.

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