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Sony's New 4K Consumer Cam Unveiled | News Shooter
At CES Sony have surprised by announcing the FDR-AX100 , a compact handheld camcorder that offers 4K video resolution using a 1″ 20MP sensor (14MP in video mode) and a 12x f2.8-f4.5 lens. It usefully features built in ND filters and records at up to 30fps using Sony’s XAVC-S codec XAVC-S (the consumer version of XAVC that is found on the F5/55).

Here's a video shot with Sony's PXW-Z100 4K Camera (that's the $5,400 camera, not the just announced $1,999 camera.)

Mac Pro and Premiere Pro CC (mid Dec 2013) | Philip Hodgetts
This article also provides an interesting perspective on the different ways Final Cut and Premiere let the user configure playback performance.
The different approach to controlling performance typifies the approach each company takes. Adobe gives fine control, down to using different resolutions for playback and paused (where you would use Full in most cases). The control geek in me likes that, and in the right hands it’s a good tool, but it requires the user to understand the connection between playback resolution and performance.

Mac Pro vs. iMac: Video Compression | Larry Jordan
I was totally surprised by these findings. Until we start to see applications optimized to take advantage of the power of the Mac Pro, if video compression is your key task, a high-end iMac is your best choice.

Soloshot2 | Videomaker
I'm intrigued by this remote control camera robot. It seems you wear a device and it tracks your movement. I'd love to see more footage shot with it to see how good a job it does. I was looking at remotely controlled HD cameras a while back, and they can be very expensive...this thing is a fraction of the price.
This second version adds vertical control, ultimately an accessory allows it to automatically pan, tilt and zoom. It does what many crew members have had to do.
You can pre-order it, and it's $399. Learn more at the Soloshot website

Zero Gravity (With Tim Webber and Peter Wiggins) GCS021 | Go Creative
Today we speak with Tim Webber the brilliant visual effects supervisor for blockbusters like Avatar, The Dark Knight and the recent mega-film Gravity. Tim takes us behind the scenes of Gravity and walks us through his experience creating one of the most technically challenging films in cinema history. Plus Peter Wiggins from is one of the first people in the world to use the new Mac Pro and he tells us all about it.
Gravity is going to be re-released to theaters on Jan 17.

JVC announces some rugged Action Cameras | Videomaker
If you've ever put a camera in freezing water (nods knowingly), you know you're testing a camera's limits, and these two from the Everio line give you some room to breath easy with usability down to 14 F and 10 C.

ARRI Cine baseplates for the Sony PMW-F5/F55 | YouTube
The different concepts behind the bridge plate compatible cine base plate and the quick-release broadcast plate for the Sony F5 and F55.

Five Lessons from the other side of the Freelance Fence | The Black And Blue
Good advice about working with friends (my advice, don't)
For filmmakers, I urge you to be selective with the friends you call on for help, especially with mission critical aspects of your project. The last thing you want is a phone call from your pal the day of the shoot saying they can’t make it while they expect you to be cool with it since you’re friends.

Is Sony's new Action Camera a 4K camera? - No
There seems to be a little confusion over whether Sony's new Action Camera, the HDR-AS1000V is a 4K camera - it's NOT. Or at least, it doesn't appear to if you read the specs. The confusion could be because it does record using the XAVC S format at 50 Mbps, but it's only recording in HD 1080p. It's interesting that Sony added a new format to the camera (previously supporting AVCHD.) Though I think AVCHD defines an upper limit for the data rate, so they had to go to another format if they wanted to use a higher data rate.

Finally, the Kessler Crane Cat Adapter:

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